completely unrecognizable, the fans in “shock”

Jean-Luc Reichmann, a little smile in a world that is currently very sad and turned upside down by the covid19 pandemic, a little happiness for his more than 451,000 followers on his Instagram account.

The result of boredom due to confinement or the desire to make everyone laugh, Jean-Luc Reichmann comes out of old files and shows us live on his Instagram account photos where we can barely recognize him.

Confined to his home, the star host of TF1 decided to sort it out at home, and to rummage through his old photo albums or old files. With that, he does not hesitate for a second to come out of old shots of him, at the age of 20, somewhat super vintage …

A super vintage photo, but it’s a big file, as he says himself….

Indeed, a long tousled haircut and a mustache live from the 1980s, vintage sneakers and “revival” outfit, bombers, we are plunging back 4 decades into the past. Nice proof that the king of midday TF1 does not lack humor and self-deprecation.

Jean-Luc Reichmann shares with his fans old photos from the days when he was far from being a star. In fact, at that time, he hosted fairs in department stores. And in the fish department, he was already doing the show.

Unable to recognize the presenter of the show “12 strokes noon”, as the photo seems offset, and yet it is him, and he has fun….

When suddenly, in full storage you fall back on the file. gondola mode “at 20, with the same sneakers as today! !! sorry to make you suffer this. “

Internet users seem to love his joke! The photo is liked by almost 24,000 people, and comments are quick to come up: “I too have put away photos, there are files also at home”, “Great you were too classy. Thank you for the happiness you bring to the French ”,“ too excellent !!!! never get out of old files ”,“ Lol, it’s heavy ”, etc.

Already very comfortable with the public, casually seated on the fishmonger’s fridge, Jean-luc is hitting the crowd …. “Who wants my fish. “… it looks like ordralphabetix in the adventures of” Asterix and Obelix. “… The famous Gauls who always resist the invader ….

It is very happy to note that Jean-Luc has so much humor on himself.

In the funny anecdotes of the presenter’s youth, there is another.

TV presenter, producer and actor, Jean-Luc Reichmann is also a radio host and it is in this exercise that he began his long and successful career. Thus, in 1981 he began on the ground floor, one of the first free radio channels, and he would then host radio games, not under his real name but under the surprising pseudonym “BOOGGIE CHOU”. And yes, humor always!

Even if in his role of the commander Léo Mattei, Brigade of the minors, one is very far from the comic universe so much the subjects are serious, the actor can interpret everything: of the most serious roles, he has besides play classics , to more burlesque jobs.

Jean-Luc Reichmann, humor knows perfectly what it is, and we must also remind those who have forgotten that he was for many years, one of the voices of the information puppets on the Canal + television channel.

Because her voice was the one who opened the doors to television for her. So remarkable that it has been used in all sauces; not only in commercials for the automotive brand Citroen, but also voiceover for Motus alongside Thierry Beccaro, as well as in the Nagui show “Don’t forget your toothbrush”, the show “Que le meilleur wins ”, and again the program“ you don’t dream ”.

His voice and his humor: a real sesame for the success of Jean-Luc de Reichmann. In 1995, he spent the casting for the presentation of Amours on France 2, and he made the manager of France television programs laugh so much that he was immediately engaged as a facilitator.

In the summer of that same year, the management of the France 2 channel entrusted him with 10 prime times with the Campus Trophy, which Jean-Luc will present alongside Sophie Davant.

In addition to his daily meeting with viewers, Jean-Luc Reichmann will subsequently host television games on France 2 such as “Games without borders”, “The forges of the desert”, and “the Z’amours”.

The common thread between all of his programs is Jean-Luc Reichmann. In addition to the real empathy he seems to have for the candidates of the games and also for his teams, what most characterizes the star of 59 years is his humor.

In the 2000s, he decided to create his own game show, and Étienne Mougeotte believed in the concept. The show “Watch your step” was born, which would last no less than 10 years.

In 2010, “The 12 strokes of noon” were created, a game that made a real splash on the screen. Since June 28, 2010, the show has been broadcast 7 days a week, reaching extraordinary audience peaks of 5 million viewers.

Despite the status that Jean-Luc Reichmann has today, he showed his fans, with this published photo, that he had lost nothing of his sense of humor and his self-deprecation.

A beautiful and serious career for this man, father of 6 children from a blended family, who likes to laugh and knows very well not to take himself seriously.

A true “touch to everything”, the famous presenter Toulousain was for many years in the top 3 of the favorite personalities of the French. And if of course, he always has small detractors, don’t we say that the public is always right….

Member of the improvisation league for more than 15 years, Jean-Luc Reichmann demonstrates once again his spontaneity with this unique photo of his youth, and will have, in these difficult times of global pandemic, had the merit of us to make laugh …

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