"Complex" from his penis, hiding a camera in the men's room


Even the defendant was embarrassed during his trial. A 26-year-old man was sentenced to a six-month suspended prison sentence in Caen. He was accused of placing a camera in the men's room of the Leclerc store in Vire, Calvados.

It seems that he shot the scene several times between May 2017 and last June. In the end it was the store manager who noticed the spy camera.

Alerted, the police were able to exploit the contents of the camera and quickly discover the identity of the amateur videographer.

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The young man, responsible for a shop specialized in agricultural vehicles, had actually filmed by installing the device in the toilet of this Leclerc.

He had also recorded images, obviously involuntarily, while he was inside his car.

Still questioned at the bar, he explained his gesture. And his answer was quite surprising: "I wanted to compare myself with other men", has explained. The young man, visibly very complex by his sex, wanted to know if he was "Normally established".

This is not the first time that his doubts and his lack of address take him to court. The young man has already been tried for similar events last year. Persuaded to be defenseless and crossed "A bad time", he later explained that he wanted "Reassured"as mentioned The Parisian.

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