Health comprehensive approach to reach 80% of the population in...

comprehensive approach to reach 80% of the population in influenza vaccination

With the possibility of a second wave of Covid-19 next fall, experts insist on the need to avoid a new peak coinciding with that of seasonal influenza.

If there is any lesson to be learned from this health crisis, it is the value of vaccines in prevention. In the case of the flu, the vaccine has been the main asset for years, although the vaccination rate in population at risk and health professionals is not up to it. In an exceptional situation like this, additional efforts must be made to improve this objective.

For this, it is essential that all agents of the
health sector, from its scope, contribute to the maximum in this
objective. Also the professionals of the community pharmacy, in the first line in the attention to the

Ángel Gil de Miguel, professor of Preventive Medicine at the Rey Juan Carlos University, emphasizes that pharmacy offices can be a good place to give information or dispense the vaccine and remember that in order to administer it, you must always have an infirmary.

Ángel Gil de Miguel.

“Vaccination is a sanitary act and requires after
I administer an observation for fifteen minutes in case there is any kind of
reaction, something that is more difficult to control in these spaces, “he says.

Of course, he insists that it can be a point of reference for
give a lot of information about vaccination and promote awareness so that
chronic diseases, pregnant women, etc., do not stop getting vaccinated. Also in
those people who live with a population at risk. In the end, Gil of
Miguel, would end up vaccinating almost the entire population. “Like the
coverage is low, everything that is done in this direction, welcome ”

In an exceptional situation, “there is a possibility that they could hire a nursing professional to help them in a new vaccination strategy”

Angel Gil de Miguel

Furthermore, it considers that in an exceptional situation such as
this, in case it is necessary to look for new spaces such as the pharmacy, “there is
the possibility that during the two months of the campaign they could
hire a nursing professional to help them with this strategy of

For Amós García, President of the Spanish Association of
Vaccination, increasing the coverage of influenza vaccination this year is a
obligation, more than a need. “It would be a worrying scenario if they could
coincide the usual complications of the flu with the Covid-19 ”, he assures.

In his opinion it is essential that the devices of
primary care do not stop recommending the importance of vaccination

“The pharmacy should act as an element of dissemination of the vaccination message, with a positive speech”

Amós García (AEV)

Amos Garcia.

But, in addition, it is also important to take advantage of other
health resources, such as the community pharmacy, so that from the same
recommend the need for influenza vaccination. “The pharmacy must act
as an element of spreading the message of vaccination at a time like this,
a positive speech. That they act as health educators and reinforce the
message to people who go to the pharmacy that they have to be vaccinated in
in case they haven’t done it ”, he assures.

For his part, Exuperio Díez Tejedor, head of the
Neurology and Stroke Center of Hospital La Paz, also underlines the role of
this collective. ” Pharmacists are healthcare professionals who are
the doors of the patients’ house, highly committed professionals and a
very direct source of information ”, he defends. Hence the importance of
involve them in general health and in situations like this.

“The pharmacist is at the doorstep of the patient’s house, they are a very direct source of information”

Exuperio Díez Tejedor

The neurologist believes that it is possible to find a balance
between public coverage, whose vaccines are administered at the health center
by doctors and nurses, keeping in mind that any adult who is
outside of this coverage for your activity consider that it may be useful and consult
with your doctor so that he can prescribe it and you can get it later in the

Exuperio Díez Tejedor.

Finally, Cristina Regojo, a medical specialist in Clinical Analysis and
president of the Spanish Association against Meningitis, also believes that it is
the moment to join forces and look for solutions to other health problems,
such as the decrease in vaccination coverage.

“From my point of view, the collaboration of all agents is important to recover the rates and even improve them,” he says.

The president of the AEM assures that the government must do
an appeal and an information campaign to reassure the population and
influence the importance of vaccines.

Regarding the contribution of pharmacists, he stresses that as health agents, they can also play a key role in advising the population to go to their medical centers to be vaccinated.

Along the same lines, it also considers it essential that patient associations inform their associates and the general public so that they do not let their guard down.

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