compulsory “patriotic education” at school from age 6-

from Marco Imarisio

The rewriting of the didactic history books was not considered satisfactory, it matters little that any reference to Ukraine had already been deleted. Go to the new floor

The new courses are aimed at teaching the love and gratitude of young people for the fighters of the Great Patriotic War and all other wars fought by our people. Happy holidays, children of the Russia. When you return to class, next September 1st, every Monday you will have to watch the flag raising in the courtyard, while listening to the performance of the national anthem from the loudspeakers. Once in the classroom, even the youngest, elementary school pupils, will find an extra subject to study. Almost needless to say which. Just know that the new course is called Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation. The adults who take care of you are sure that this initiative will strengthen and instill the love for the homeland. Because these new lessons aim at forming the opinions of the younger generations on the basis of national values, leading them towards a fair evaluation of the events that affect our nation.

The school year just ended. As per tradition, the new guidelines for teaching have arrived. With a little delay this time. In mid-May, the Russian parliament rejected the plan presented by the ministries of education and education, which also already received the order to establish patriotic classes and to fire teachers who refuse to join them. It still wasn’t enough. The rewriting of the didactic history books was not considered satisfactory, it matters little that any reference to Ukraine had already been deleted.

The issue is no small matter. Indeed, it concerns national security, as written in the text that returns the first proposal to the sender. So important that the second most powerful man in Russia intervenes. Nikolai Patrushev, the former head of the Secret Service today at the helm of the Security Council, had stood up to demand a complete overhaul of the Russian education system in order to develop a new generation of patriots. After criticizing the history books for giving little prominence to Soviet heroism against Hitler, the one who is considered the most hawkish politician out of detachment had attacked the teachers, who too often choose to stay with the Western enemy, manipulating children. and distorting the story.

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Patrushev ousted the Ministry of Education, entrusting the revision of the manuals not to a teacher, but to Sergey Naryshkin, his successor at the top of intelligence, also director of the Historical Society of Russia. Our president reads the new text launched a few days ago approving the introduction of historical education in elementary schools, with particular attention paid to that of our Motherland. Children will also be able to count on an extra curriculum activity called Conversation on Important Topics, during which they will be able to listen to authoritative videos from government representatives who will help them understand the importance of historical memory. Other than talk shows. Propaganda begins at school.

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