Computing: a new lightweight Windows has arrived, designed for cheap laptops: it will work


Microsoft remains, by far, the most used operating system in PCs all over the world. Only Windows 10 has a 40% market share, but he does not stop looking at his rivalsand worried about your competition. So much so that it has decided to launch a lightweight version of Windows that can compete with Google's ever growing Chrome OS. And we have already seen some of its features.

Thanks to a filter created by the Petri website, we were able to discover some brushstrokes of this Windows Lite that, presumably, will arrive in this 2019 and which will aim to conquer those users who need very little resources be able to work and it's worth having everything in the cloud. That is, to recover those consumers who have seen in their very cheap Chromebooks their perfect solution.

José Manuel Blanco

Google's laptops gradually make their way. When choosing, the main thing is to look at the screen, the processor and the RAM. Let's examine the available options

According to Petri, to achieve its goal, Microsoft will launch an operating system it will stand out for its minimalism and its pragmatism. No complex or heavy programs or processes, everything will work with Internet-connected applications. For the image that they have filtered from the web itself, we can see how the home screen disappears and there is a simple menu with anchored applications that you can use at your leisure. In addition, we can see shortcuts for social networks like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and streaming services like Spotify, mixing mobile style with PC design.

This would show the beginning of Windows Lite. (Photo: Petri)
This would show the beginning of Windows Lite. (Photo: Petri)

We know little more about its operation, but Yes, we are already talking about the dates of departure. It is suggested that a first "beta" version could be ready for this spring. And as for the computers that can mount this system, not many details have been provided, but the company already speaks of two codenames: Pegasus and Centaurus.

We'll see if this decostrucción of Windows 10 that manages to work or returns to be a victim of have a big brother so strong. As pointed out by Petri, the idea of ​​Satya Nadella could go against market trends because, while simplifying, both Apple and Google do the opposite.