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– Concerned about the development – VG

– We are concerned about the development we see in Bergen, says Bergen City Councilor Roger Valhammer. The municipality prohibits private gatherings with more than 20 people in a new decision.

– We consider that what is seen as recommendations is not sufficient, says City Councilor Roger Valhammer.

He points out, among other things, that the municipality sees that people do not comply with the council to be a maximum of 20 people together. The municipality therefore prohibits private gatherings with more than 20 people.

– We hope that this can become a national regulation and believe this is a problem in several places, says Valhammer.

He says that they do not want to hand over more tasks to the police, but that they now have sanction options to handle these situations if necessary.

– We do this not because the police need it, but because we want the seriousness to sink in. I want to remind you that this does not only apply to students. Although the partying in small premises has affected a lot of young people, it applies to everyone, he says.

– The window we see is crucial

Bergen municipality has 19 new cases of infection in the last 14 days, shows VG’s overview. Last week, they reported that record number tested themselves in the emergency room. Among those infected is a student affiliated with a sponsor group who had attended a sponsor party after testing themselves.

– We are concerned about the development we see in Bergen. The schools open on Monday and we will still have extensive use of home offices. NIPH has said that Norway can reach the red level.

– The window we are in right now is absolutely crucial for how the development and infection situation will be in the future.

The city council leader says that the situation is not so bad in Bergen yet, but that he is afraid that it will be. Valhammer believes that everyone must bring up the mindset from the months when the infection was at its worst.

– I think we have to find our way back to the way we thought and acted in March, April and May when the infection situation was different than it was earlier this summer.

Planning for increased test capacity

Beate Husa, city councilor for the elderly, health and volunteering, says that the municipality continuously to reduce the infection.

– Today’s test capacity with test six days a week will correspond to a test capacity of 2.1 percent of the inhabitants a week. We also have a plan if the requirement for test capacity is increased to five percent, she says.

Husa is nevertheless aware that someone may experience a queue when they are to be tested. This is because the infection situation is constantly changing.

A bottleneck when it comes to testing is how to order.

– Making an appointment and for our personnel to make the tests ready is a bottleneck. We have asked national health authorities for a better system here, and will have a new meeting with them about the possibilities for this, she says.

City Councilman Valhammer says they will prioritize drop-in testing.

Published: 14.08.20 at 10:06

Updated: 14.08.20 at 10:39

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