Conde-Pumpido, the Golden Toga lawyer shielded from scandal: the videos refute the woman he "asked for 24 hours to leave"

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Lawyer Candido Conde-Pumpido Varela -son of former attorney general and current magistrate of the constitutional Court of the same name – attributes to a “mounting” the event that led him to spend two days in jail after a woman accused him of raping her – along with two other men – last Friday in a chalet in Madrid.

The young woman, 26 years old and of Brazilian nationality, assured the Police that Conde-Pumpido hired her sexual services with two friends but when she wanted to set limits, they forced her.

However, 48 hours after the Police After detaining the lawyer and the other two young people, the judge did not validate their version. The lawyer put on the table the videos from the security cameras of his house in the Canillejas area in which both can be observed although without the presence of the other two men. In her car, the judge made a photograph of the sequence of events from the frames.

«In these images you can see different rooms of the house throughout the entire early morning of last Friday. And in them the accused do not appear at any time, nor is any situation similar to that described by the complainant displayed.

«On the contrary, he continues, in these images the woman is seen located in different rooms of the house (kitchen, bedrooms and outside) in the company of Cándido Conde-Pumpido on some occasions and alone on other occasions. Specifically, the complainant and the accused can be observed in one of the two bedrooms for several hours, entering and leaving, drinking, etc., without being able to guess any situation that coincides with the account of the events she maintains.

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