Condom. Mobilization in support of Operation Pink October

Around the deputy Gisèle Biémouret, a team of volunteers is formed to support Pink October, this month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. The Gers departmental committee of the League against cancer, chaired by Nadia Benoit and the Condom volunteers will mobilize during this operation. This will shed light on those fighting this disease, increase information and awareness, and raise funds to help researchers and caregivers.

“The past two years have been particularly difficult and have had worrying consequences for people affected by cancer (diagnostic delays, complexity of the care pathway, slowing down of screenings … The mobilization of all is therefore essential”, considers the deputy of Gers .

Numerous initiatives have been launched throughout France to make women aware of the importance of screening.

In Condom, the program will open this Friday, October 1, with the launch of the deposit of ink cartridge collectors at pharmacies in the Pyrenees and Bouquerie, Saint-Exupéry and Notre-Dame-de-Piétat colleges. Wednesday, October 6, will follow the traditional sale of roses at the market by the association of “Friends of the walk” and volunteers.

On Saturday October 16, a walk on the Green Lane will be offered, organized by the Friends of the March association. A minimum participation of 2 € will be requested on site. Finally, on Wednesday October 27, the ink cartridge recovery tour organized by the “Marguerite Peterson” association with weighing and an “ApériRose” on Place Saint-Pierre will be organized (in accordance with the sanitary measures in force).

The profits from these initiatives will be entirely donated to the League against cancer. “Breast cancer is the most common and deadliest female cancer, more than 12,100 deaths per year. In three quarters of cases, it develops in women over 50 years. This is why screening Free of this cancer by mammography is offered every two years to all French women aged 50 to 74. With this screening, the hope is to increase the cure rate because cancers of less than one centimeter identified by the screening most often recover. Ladies, do not wait, consult, get tested! “, recalls Gisèle Biémouret.

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If you want to get involved with Condom volunteers, contact 06 08 15 62 58 or 06 76 95 94 61.

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