Health Confide in Sadness by Covid-19 Nurse, Leg amputated, Unconsciously...

Confide in Sadness by Covid-19 Nurse, Leg amputated, Unconsciously Often Sick, ‘Busy Helping Others’

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – This is the sad confession of a nurse for a Covid-19 patient.

The nurse now has to lose one leg.

He forgot the pain because he was busy taking care of the patient Covid-19 or viruses Corona for weeks.

What happened to him?

Check out the full story below.

The story of the sad story of Vocalist Vagetoz Teguh Permana, for the sake of caring for sick mothers, willingly faded & unmarried careers

As we know, medical officers are at the forefront of dealing with a viral pandemic Corona (Covid-19).

Doctors, nurses and hospital staff have struggled for months with thousands of patients Covid-19 which is booming.

As a result, a number of medical officers died.

Some are also infected with the Corona virus to exhaustion.

Hospital in Jember Demonstrated by Positive Covid-19, Strange Status, Tomb of the Patient Willing to Be Demolished

One of them happened to Sette Buenaventura (26).


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