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The National Association of Interpreters confirmed the unfortunate news; RIP Melani Morales

Sad news for show business. This morning of November 21, the death of the actress was confirmed Maleni Morales, wife of Otto Sirgo.

The unfortunate death of the actress remembered by melodramas like “La picacara soñadora” was confirmed by the National Association of Performers (ANDI), through his official Twitter account.

“The #Directive Council and the #Vigilance Committee of @ ANDIMéxico, communicate the sensitive death of the interpreter partner Maleni Morales. Our deepest condolences to her family and friends. Especially to our friend and colleague, Otto Sirgo, her husband,” it was read in the tweet.

According to the Las Estrellas report, fans, friends and colleagues from the artistic milieu sent their condolences to the actress’s family of productions such as “The rich also cry” and “Rosa Salvaje” and “Luz Clarita”.

“Receive a big hug @ottosirgo Valeria and Tania,” he wrote Arlette Pacheco, Meanwhile he Gerardo Murguía He also sent a message of affection for Sirgo: “I hug you to your family.”

Regarding the causes of death of the actress, ANDI did not offer details, however, the actress’s husband had already revealed in September last year that Maleni Morales was fighting lung cancer.

“She did not present any, but it was through a routine study, let’s say, that it was discovered, because she was beginning to gasp for breath and not because of lung cancer because the tumor was pressing on a part of the vena cava,” he said.

Later, in July this year, the Cuban-born actor revealed for a morning show that his wife was undergoing extensive treatment, however, outside of a clinic.

“He had a little problem there that needed a very long treatment, not hospitalized, going to take it sometimes once a day and other twice a day. Now, it is in the maintenance process that would be every three weeks,” he said.

RIP Maleni Morales.


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