Entertainment Confirmed: Hector Sandarti returns to Televisa by the big...

Confirmed: Hector Sandarti returns to Televisa by the big door

On the same day that it was out of ‘A New Day’ received the call of the executive

Héctor Sandarti.

Héctor Sandarti / Courtesy

It confirmed! To a month of being out of ‘A New Day’ and Telemundo, Héctor Sandarti returns to the tv control Televisa, which was his home for 25 years. It will be the main driver of the new VIP version of the show ‘Minute To Win’, where the contestants will be only famous.

The program that will go by the channel of the Stars in primetime Sunday, and that you may see Univision, is one of the formats most successful in all versions around the world.

The saying that says if one door closes, open thousands, seems to apply perfectly to Sandarti. And in this case was the largest in terms of chains of television: Televisa.

We were able to confirm that it was the same Friday, the 22nd of may, when Sandarti was fired from ‘A New Day’, at the exit got the call from the executives of Televisa to negotiate his return to the station in mexico.

Héctor Sandarti with Bernardo Gómez
Héctor Sandarti with Bernardo Gómez, president of Televisa.

However, in the midst of the move, the paperwork and even process that had been detached from Telemundo, something that their own bosses informed him a day before his departure, as the presenter and comedian confirmed, it was only a few days ago, it would have come to an agreement and signed contract.

Recall that in the in vivo than it did for Instagram and Facebook, a few days after his departure from ‘A New Day’, the own Sandarti told that he had received a proposal, but that was still something very informal.

The return to Televisa comes rumorando since a few days, but we can confirm that is a fact. What we can confirm is that it is not true is your friend Galilea Montijo had nothing to do with his return to mexican television. Although they are very close to, were those executives who were contacted with Sandarti.

As we know, it would be this Monday the day that possibly the own Sandarti is communicated to its audience ,and it might be through a live on their social networks.

Let us remember that, after two years as a presenter of ‘A New Day’, for which he had moved himself and his family to Miami, Sandarti received the news that he only remained one day more in the morning show of Telemundo, and that day you could use it to say goodbye.

Despite the fact that a month has already passed, the public is still demanding what you qualify with a bad decision of Telemundo to take Sandarti and demand its return. In fact, unofficially, we learned that last week ‘A New Day’ would have had the ratings, the lowest in its history, but has not been confirmed so far.

In the case of Sandarti, he confessed that he imagined spending years in the show, but suddenly had to pack their bags and returned with his family to Mexico.

Despite the crisis in the entertainment industry, combined with the of the pandemic, the talent and the trajectory of Sandarti weighed more and soon we will do what he likes the most: to entertain the public.

Héctor Sandarti
Héctor Sandarti.



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