CONFIRMED? MEI category can have a discount on the electricity bill, learn more

The MEI, an acronym for individual microentrepreneur, represents the group formed by those workers who perform economic activities autonomously. You must have a registration to be considered MEI.

Now, the group will be able to count on a new benefit that is a possible discount on the electricity bill, which can reach 65% off the total amount. But is the idea already approved? See more below.

Energy bill can be reduced by up to 65% for MEI / Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to be MEI?

Those interested in formalizing themselves as an individual micro-entrepreneur must check, first of all, if they meet the necessary requirements for this. In this way, it is necessary to make sure that the function that the person performs is included in the list of economic activities that can be MEI.

In addition, the person must also have an earnings limit. For the activities contained in table A, the limit is BRL 81,000. On the other hand, for table B, the limit is approximately R$ 251.

Other requirements include having only one employee, at most, and also not being an administrator, partner or owner of other ventures such as companies, for example.

The person who formalizes himself as MEI may, after acceptance, have a CNPJ and start issuing invoices. There will also be the possibility of accessing banking services that focus exclusively on this group.

However, being MEI also means that the person must pay specific taxes to that group and declare the gains. Therefore, a fee must be paid monthly and, in addition, every year it is necessary to prepare the DASN-MEI document and send it to the responsible institution.

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Can you get a discount on your energy bill?

Now, the group will be able to count on another benefit. At least, that’s what Bill 1377/2022 provides. According to the information obtained from the base text, which was authored by deputy Josivaldo JP (PSD-MA), discounts on the energy bill for those who are MEI may vary between 10% and up to 65%.

This is because the project’s intention is that the group formed by micro-entrepreneurs can be included in the Social Electricity Tariff, a social benefit that already exists through the Federal Government and that provides discounts on the electricity bill for thousands of families.

The main reason for the creation of the PL is that those who are MEI may have been financially affected due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that the reduction in the electricity bill could help the group.

However, the project still has to go through analyses, evaluations and votes. So it’s still not reality.

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