Confused to choose Vario 160 or Aerox 155? Check out the comparison of the two motorbikes

Honda All New Vario 160 and Yamaha All New Aerox 155

MOTOR Plus-online – Confused to choose Honda Vario 160 or Yamaha Aerox 155 ? Check out the comparison of the two motors.

This time we will compare two motors from different manufacturers, Honda Vario 160 and Yamaha Aerox 155.

Both of these motorbikes can be said to have a fairly similar shape, which is certainly liked by young people.

However, a significant difference is the different location of the gas tank.

If Vario 160 the gas tank is like an automatic motorbike in general and Aerox 155 has a gas tank in front like a Yamaha Nmax.

Back again to the user’s taste, want to find a comfortable or practical.

Honda Vario 160 equipped with only one shock absorber on the left, while Yamaha Aerox 155 looks sturdy with two shock absorbers behind it.

Regarding the engine, the two of them play in almost the same class.

The Yamaha All New Aerox is equipped with a SOHC engine with a capacity of 155.1 cc and is liquid-cooled.

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