Confusion around Blatný and Arenberger. The sport is supposed to be green from Monday

The emergency measure (14601/2021) states, inter alia: ‘Federal, dance, traditional and similar events and other gatherings, festivities, pilgrimages, parades, tastings, celebrations, both public and private, with the participation of exceeding 20 people at the same time, which take place mainly in outdoor areas, or 10 people if the event takes place mainly in indoor areas of buildings.

The previous sentence means that up to twenty people can play sports (but only outdoors, indoor sports fields are closed).

The daily asked the responsible politicians for a response, however, the outgoing Minister of Health Jan Blatný and his successor Petr Arenberger did not comment on the whole matter.

InfographicsSource: Diary

And there is confusion in the world. No one is sure. “No one consulted with us on this,” said Jakub Večerka, a spokesman for the National Sports Agency.

It is worth mentioning that the chairman of the agency, Milan Hnilička, was supposed to negotiate with Blatný on Wednesday about the release of sports, but after the political earthquake at the ministry, he met from the meeting.

Now the new minister will be in order – the state of hospitals, the vaccine, the new PES… Where Arenberger will include the sport, that’s the question. “The situation is alarming,” Hnilička remarked.

Back to the measure itself, which is due to apply from Monday 12 April. At the request of Deník, the Czech Sports Union approached lawyers who deal with the situation (ie the interpretation of the text). Miroslav Jansta, head of the umbrella organization, added: “Sports should be taken in compliance with the conditions.”

If nothing changes in the next few days, the sport will come to life again after four months.


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