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Those who have previously purchased tickets to cultural events this week are confused as to whether, for example, when going to a theater or concert, they should use FFP2 or just face masks. If seating is not specified, a respirator is required. If seats are fixed, respirators are not required.

And most importantly, where can I buy FFP2 respirators if they are needed urgently?

When searching for information online, it quickly becomes clear that FFP2 respirators can be purchased at online stores that are unlikely to deliver orders during the day. information shows that the product is currently not available. Also, the websites of “” and “Aptoheka” promise that the product will “soon be”.

On Sunday evening, however, some respirators were still available at the Origo shopping center “Mēness Aptiekas” and TVNET managed to buy it.

Līga Ribkinska, Communication Director of JSC “Repharm”, explains that FFP2 respirators can be purchased at “Mēness aptiekis”, however, before going to the pharmacy, it is recommended to contact it to make sure that the product is on site.

There is no information on the availability of respirators in other pharmacies, neither the Ministry of Health, nor the Latvian Pharmacists’ Association, nor the Latvian Pharmaceutical Care Association.

The Ministry of Economics informs that the Consumer Rights Protection Center has monitored face masks and respirators in a more selective way in recent months. During the last monitoring, 6 outlets were inspected, where 8 different types of respirator models were found. The Ministry does not have information on respirator stocks and balances in specific stores or at specific distributors. It should be taken into account that the situation is rapidly changing – with the increase in demand, the supply is also increasing day by day, as it was in connection with face masks last year, the ministry points out.

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FFP2 respirators are not yet available for purchase in Maxima stores. Also, look for them in vain in “Elvi” stores.

FFP2 respirators manufactured and certified in the European Union can be purchased only in the largest “Rimi” stores. From Tuesday, respirators will be available in the “Rimi” e-shop.

FFP2 respirators can be purchased at Depo and other household goods stores.

Respirator prices vary, but are more expensive than regular face masks. Respirators can be bought in online stores starting from 5 euros per respirator. For about 16-20 euros it is possible to buy a set of 8 to 10 respirators. In pharmacies, one respirator costs about 2.50 euros.

Topicality – home first aid kit. You will need to treat yourself more often

Meanwhile, taking into account the emergency situation in the medical industry, the overload of doctors in hospitals and GP practices, “Mēness Aptieka” encourages the renewal of the home first aid kit. You may have to treat yourself at home. The Latvian Medical Association also recommends residents to be ready to take care of themselves and their relatives and to provide basic medicines and other pharmacy products.

“Families in families need to have painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs, necessary in case of injuries and poisoning, preparations for the treatment of runny nose, cough and sore throat, in case of allergic reactions,” recommends family doctor Ingars Burlak. “Of course, a thermometer is a must at home and it is recommended that you have a pulse oximeter in your medicine cabinet, as well as a device for measuring blood pressure. but do it in time. ”

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Also, the home medicine kit should contain medicines that can help with vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, sterile dressings, patches, means to be able to help with household injuries.

“You can ask a pharmacist about the choice of specific medications for completing a home pharmacy, but remember that if the symptoms do not go away, even in an emergency, you should try to find medical help instead of long-term treatment,” says Jelena Petrišina, a pharmacist

To make you less ill – anyone can supplement the home kit with a preparation, vitamins and trace elements specially created for immunity.


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