Congress gave free rein to the presence of US troops in Colombia

Noticias Caracol exclusively learned about a letter of July 17 signed by Lidio Garcia, then president of the Senate, in which it is assured that 69 senators from 7 political parties endorsed the cooperation of 50 soldiers from the United States security force assistance brigade. United. Words more, words less: the presence of US troops in Colombia.

“The honorable Senate of the Republic has satisfactorily exercised the political control that assists this collegiate body and, since it is a matter of military cooperation that does not involve the transit of troops, it is not appropriate to apply what is indicated by numeral 4 of Article 173 of the Political Constitution ”, says the document.

In addition, the letter notes that the signatories represent more than the absolute majority of the members of the corporation.

For constitutional experts, this procedure for the military to resume training Colombian Army troops had to be submitted to a plenary session in order to find out the position of all political forces.

“What apparently happened was an informal demonstration by members of Congress,” says Juan Manuel Charry, a constitutional lawyer.

And he adds: “The Congress manifests itself through debates of political control, exercises its powers with presentations that are registered in the secretariat and has a procedure for their manifestation. If that communication was not provided, by that procedure, even if it were virtual, there is no Senate decision ”.

Meanwhile, Lidio García specified that it was a formal act, which was carried out in the process ordered by the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, which had suspended the activities of the foreign military until the government did not have political control.

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