Consequences of a long meeting: Farský’s flight to the USA becomes complicated, Lipavský will be absent from EU negotiations

“Due to government duties and the prolonged debate on her confidence in the Chamber of Deputies, Minister Lipavský had to cancel his participation in the informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Brest from 13 to 14 January. He will be represented during the meeting by Deputy Minister Jiří Kozák, “the Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed on Thursday that the ministers are to address security, defense and EU-China relations at an informal meeting.

The meeting, based on confidence in the government, began on Wednesday morning and continued during the night on Thursday, but no vote has yet been taken. The meeting was adjourned on Thursday around seven in the morning and should continue in the evening. During the day, the deputies have an extraordinary meeting on the agenda, at which they address the STAN sponsors.

The plans are also interrupted by MP Jan Farský (STAN), who decided to give an internship at the University of Oregon in the United States for six months before working in the Chamber. He said during the week that if the government gained confidence on Wednesday, it would leave on Thursday. Since this did not happen, it is clear that he will have to postpone the flight.

Even though he will be abroad for a few months, Farský wants to keep the mandate of the legislator, but he will not miss an important vote.

On Thursday morning, the deputy was in the Chamber. The news appealed to him via SMS, asking how he wanted to reconsider his plans, but he had not yet responded.

Although the governing coalition has a clear majority in the House, the meeting is dragging on. So far, it has lasted 22 hours and it is already clear that it will be the longest negotiation of trust in the country’s modern history.

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