consternation in Thier-à-Liège, 77 tenants evicted from their lead contaminated vegetable garden!

“Welcome to my little paradise! “The one who welcomes us like this is called Patrice Coulon. This 65-year-old former career soldier has cultivated his 800 m² of land on rue Tribouillet with love, four hours a day, for 17 years. “For fun, but also to feed the family. With children and grandchildren, there are 18 of us enjoying it, ”he proudly says.

Last Thursday, the 77 tenants of the premises received a letter urging them to rehabilitate their land and vacate it by September 30 because soil analyzes revealed levels of heavy metals, and especially lead, in greater quantity. higher than the average authorized by the Walloon Region. Sometimes even up to four times the norm.

► “It’s a disaster! “: they mobilize to avoid expulsion, a petition has already collected a thousand signatures

► What will become of all these sites if they are abandoned? Our information.


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