Construction company ‘8 CBR’ has a new manager

There have been changes in the composition of the board of the “8 CBR” construction company for highways, streets, squares, bridges and other transport engineering structures, “Lursoft Klientu portfelis” informs. Kaspars Kalniņš has been appointed as the company’s new chairman of the board.

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The former chairman of the board of SIA “8 CBR”, Juris Gulbis, left his position this year. on March 6.

Juris Gulbis was the chairman of the board of SIA “8 CBR” since July 20 last year, while less than a year before that he held the position of a member of the company’s board. “Lursoft” data show that the long-time head of SIA “Tet” after leaving the position of chairman of the board of SIA “8 CBR” currently does not hold a position in any Latvian company.

“Lursoft” information shows that Kaspars Kalniņš, the new chairman of the board of SIA “8 CBR”, also holds the positions of chairman of the board of SIA “ACBR” and SIA “Hakaguru” at the same time.

In 2021, SIA “8 CBR” worked with a drop in turnover and losses. The available annual report of “Lursoft” shows that last year the company’s turnover was 13.4% less than the year before. The turnover of SIA “8 CBR” in 2021 was 28.73 million euros, while the losses were 112.74 thousand euros.

SIA “8 CBR” stated in its management report: “In 2021, the company had to face an uncertain situation with regard to the project volumes and execution deadlines planned by the largest customers, as the competition grew and, accordingly, also the profit opportunities in these projects. Taking into account that part of the projects objectively due to reasons were postponed to a later time, as well as the fact that the prices of resources increased in the second half of the year, which affected the profitability of the concluded contracts, the result of the company’s reporting year did not reach the planned amount of profit.”

“Lursoft” data shows that last year SIA “8 CBR” won four public procurement tenders. The largest of them is the tender worth 10.3 million euros announced by VSIA “Latvijas Valsts ceļi” for the 42.787 of the state regional road P37 Pļaviņas – Madona – Gulbene (Madona – Cesvaine). – 60,140. km section reconstruction. SIA “8 CBR” won this competition together with SIA “ACBR”.

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