“Consumer deception level”… ‘Pokemon Bdasha Pearl’, bugs abound in 6 days after release → criticizing – Reporter Su-yeon Yoo

The Nintendo game ‘Pokémon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl)’ is being criticized by fans for a series of bugs within 6 days of its release.

On the 25th, on various online communities, an article titled “The latest Pokemon released in 2021” was posted.

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The author summarized and introduced the bugs found in ‘Pokemon Vdasha Pearl’ released on the 19th.

online community

Bugs found include infinite duplication of in-game items, invisible NPCs, and random name changes during Pokemon evolution.

In addition, there was a bug where the character could not move because it was caught in the terrain or equipment, or could go through the sculpture even though it was an impossible road.

Netizens who saw this showed reactions such as “You ruin the remake like this”, “Don’t ruin my memories”, “I don’t check bugs because it sells even if I just make it roughly”, and “There is even a boycott in Japan”.

On the other hand, ‘Pokemon Vdasha Pearl’ distributed the 1.1.0 version update patch that includes the title demo movie, the second play element, communication function, etc. It also raised suspicions that it was released as a .
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