Consumer waited 68 years to play with a real doll

  • In the study “Global Consumer Trends: The Economic Crossroads” it reveals what affects the consumer’s purchase decision.

  • Inside of the June 2022 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey it was revealed what factors determine consumer behavior.

  • In the investigation of “Consumer Insights Report 2022” It explains what effects inflation has had on digital shopping habits.

After playing with a wrist printed on wrappers from a soup brand, a consumer he had to wait 68 years to meet again with the pet that cut bags and be able to play with them, since due to lack of money he could not make one real.

The testimonial is a great reminder of how the consumer evolves, what factors influence their purchase decision and the links that are built with a brand through surprising elements such as nostalgia.

With these considerations made, important work guidelines are established, based on data that warn us insights such as those that have to do with the impact of inflation.

The “Global Consumer Trends: The Economic Crossroads” identified an interesting habit in it and that is that he realized that there are two important changes in the consumer and that is that he spends less on his consumption and activities such as transportation, he takes options such as public transportation to do so.

inside the studio, 32 percent of millennials take public transportation to get around and a 42 percent of them said to spend less on other things, all this motivated by the phenomenon of rising prices that is experienced worldwide.

The influence on consumption from economic situations or social contexts has been an insight into all kinds of cases that we have seen with great virality in the market, where transcendence follows a very simple scheme and is what has to do with what helps in the market to consolidate concrete actions.

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“Consumers are seeing prices right away. Professionals are convinced that there will be no significant inflation. Consumers have a higher estimate of inflation than professionals at this time”, explains the specialist in economics from Harvard, Kenneth Rogoffin an interview he gave to The Harvard Gazette.

This statement is just one of the many actions that have been thought of in the market and that lead us to think about a key point, the importance that the consumer gives to the scenario that is experienced economically.

The foregoing has led brands to make unexpected decisions in consumption, as we saw with Walmart, which for the first time began to sell used things, as an alternative to purchase its products.

On that occasion, the announcement made by the retail chain raised the serious changes in consumer habits and how their purchasing decisions had contracted.

68 years before inflation

Justifying that he just wanted to give his mom a “nice present”, Gilberht Velasco It added more than a million reproductions in its history, when it showed that it ordered to make a doll inspired by “The Doll”, the name of a soup that has a toy of this type as a mascot, which the woman cut out to be able to play with East.

After 68 years, the young man had the detail with his mother and the reunion between consumer and brand became an interesting case of how relationships of this type are kept between companies and consumers.

@gilberhtdiaz Thank you very much @pastaslamuneca for having accompanied my mom’s childhood. They made her very happy and 68 years later, she managed to have her doll. #TeAmoMamá #Tears #Emotional #Dreams #Love #Amor #happychildhood #Gracias ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

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