MILAN – Future Antonio Conte next season is questionable after delivering Inter Milan to end the Italian League 2019-2020 in second place. Conte reportedly immediately left because of openly criticizing the club after Inter beat Atalanta 2-0 in the final week of the Italian League.

Italian Football reports that Conte has even spoken to former managers, players and former Juventus players, regarding Maurizio Sarri’s future. Conte seemed to want to return to Juventus, if Sarri stepped down from his current position.

As is known, Sarri’s seat at Juventus was not safe because of the Bianconeri’s appearance – the nickname of Juventus – in the Italian League. Juventus did win the Italian League for the ninth time in a row this season, but it was not achieved convincingly.

The Juventus game under Sarri received a lot of criticism. Sarri wants Juventus to play with short passes, but that is not easy to do. That style of play actually makes Juventus appear inconsistent this season.

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The Bianconeri even suffered seven defeats in the Italian League. The last defeat that Juventus suffered when entertaining AS Roma in the final week at the Allianz Stadium, Sunday, August 2, 2020 pm WIB.

Juventus lost 3-1 to AS Roma, thereby reducing the value of the title presentation held thereafter. Juventus won the Italian League with a collection of 83 points. Juventus are only one point ahead of the Nerazzurri – Inter’s nickname – in second place.

If one of the draws that Inter wins turns out to be a victory, Juventus will not win the Italian League. This indicates that Sarri was not very successful in training Juventus in his debut season.

Conte who saw the possibility of Juventus sacking Sarri wanted to use it to return. Conte has coached Juventus in 2011-2014. Conte presented four trophies for Juventus during his time as coach. Conte’s cold hand began to dominate the Bianconeri in Italian domestic competition.

Besides having coached, Conte is also a Juventus legend. Conte played for Juventus from 1991 until he retired in 2004. During 13 years defending Juventus, Conte won 14 trophies. The 51-year-old man presented a total of 18 trophies for Juventus.

Tracing the history of Conte with Juventus, the Italian passport man deserves to coach the Bianconeri again. Conte’s obstacle is the disappointment of the fans towards him, because he coached eternal rival Juventus, Inter, at this time.

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