Conte cheated, even Lippi and VIPs in the broker’s network


There is the former national team coach Marcello Lippi, his son Davide, the Roma forward Stephan El Sharawi, the former French defender Patrice Latyr Evra, the Inter coach Antonio Conte, the designer Achille Salvagni and the ambassador Raffaele Trombetta among the clients of Massimo Bochicchio, the broker already accused of having defrauded entrepreneurs and VIPs, now investigated for money laundering by the Milan prosecutor’s office.

The names appear in the decree, signed by the investigating judge of Milan Chiara Valori, which led to the seizure of a prestigious property in Cortina, works of art and current accounts for a total value of 10.9 million euros.

According to the accusation of the Milanese prosecutors Paolo Filippini and Giovanni Polizzi, Bochicchio allegedly “collected through the companies Kidman Asset management and Tiber Capital a large amount of capital from its customers, conveying them in investments made also in countries with low taxation, maximum protection of confidentiality and low collaboration judicial, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates, promising high returns and, if necessary, also the absolute confidentiality of the investment, omitting the prescribed anti-money laundering controls “.

The broker, who moved to Dubai in October, would have managed to deceive customers by presenting ‘Kidman’ as a company owned by a well-known credit giant. A contribution to the investigation came from Daniele Conte, brother of the Inter coach, who denounced him to the Rome prosecutor for fraud and embezzlement.

“As far as I know – he explained in his testimony – Bochicchio did not make any kind of check on the origin of the money he received, neither from the point of view of anti-money laundering due diligence, nor did he ask investors if they had correctly informed the tax authority of the funds held abroad “.

He is always the one who illustrates the broker’s modus operandi to the investigators: “Once he received the money, Bochicchio used it for various purposes. His own personal expenses that guaranteed him and his family a very high standard of living. The funds were used. even for actual investment purposes, only that Bochicchio used very risky financial instruments. The problem was that these types of investments were too risky and he should have informed his clients and be authorized for this type of activity, they envisage both potential gains but above all possible very high losses “, he added. “I, or more precisely my brother, with Kidman we have lost 24 million euros”, concluded Daniele Conte in his testimony.

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