Conte’s “silent scene” against the government: «Ready? Yes, but to bring the Italians to their knees» – The video

The former Prime Minister and leader of the 5 Star Movement, Joseph Contecome back to attack hard Giorgia Meloni and his government for the 2023 budget maneuver that has just been launched, which he says is insufficient and unfair. He does it with an original format, reproducing the famous scene from the film on video Love Actually: no words, just a series of signs shown in sequence to the camera (or smartphone). But the political essence is very clear: «Ready? Yes, but to bring the Italians to their knees», is the accusation launched against the executive after a long examination of the most contested measures, starting from the progressive dismantling of the Basic income. «In the pandemic Giorgia Meloni asked my government for 1,000 euros for everyone with a click. At her first manoeuvre, in the midst of an energy emergency, she brings the Italians to their knees », she summarizes in launching the Conte video. A few weeks ago it was Meloni ad implicitly attack in the press conference the policies of the former pentastellato premier, in particular on the theme of Superbonus.

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