Controller: all the information on the new DualShock 5


Sony not only revealed when the PlayStation 5 will finally appear, but also announced the first information on the new console controller. We tell you what innovations await you.

PS5: Controller - All information on the new DualShock 5

In addition to the current console is the most important part of the upcoming PlayStation 5 probably the new controller, finally, it could be without GamePad that future games will hardly appreciate. Even if you have to wait until Christmas 2020 to hold the controller, some first information but they are already there.

What is the name of the PlayStation 5 controller?

Although this information has not been officially approved by Sony, it is very likely that the PS5 controller will simply carry the name Dualshock 5,

The reason is that unlike Microsoft's competitors, who are always reprinting the Xbox creatively, Sony has decided to use the PlayStation and the associated dual-shock controller conventional numbering, Since the console itself officially the name PlayStation 5 This simple numbering will most likely also apply to the case of the controller.

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These are the best tips for your PS4 controller.

These are the features of the PlayStation 5 controller

As reported by the WIRED magazine, the PlayStation 5 controller is turned on by a USB-C powered cable to be. Furthermore, two new controller functions have already been confirmed.

  • Haptic feedback – Instead of the familiar rhombus characteristic, the PS5 controller will be able to send much more complex signals. So, it will seem very different to you if you are slamming into another FIFA player or driving against a wall at full speed in a racing game.
  • Adaptive triggers – Developers can manually adjust the resistance of the L2 and R2 triggers in the future, so it will be a considerably different experience to pull the trigger on a gun or arm a heavy hunting bow.

The price and appearance of the PS5 controller are not yet available official information.

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