Controls: Police take speeders and drug drivers out of traffic

As the police reported, on Saturday afternoon two drivers ran between the Glanegg car park and the Salzburg-Süd motorway exit at speeds of up to 200 km / h. The two vehicle drivers, a 31-year-old man from the city of Salzburg and a 24-year-old from Flachgau, are displayed. In addition, a driving license withdrawal procedure is initiated.

Drug driver checked in Golling

Also in the afternoon, the officers noticed the driving style of a 32-year-old Pinzgauer. Vehicles and drivers were checked at the Golling rest stop (Tennengau). During an inspection it was found that the 32-year-old did not have a driver’s license. In addition, the Pinzgauer drove the vehicle under the influence of drugs. During the official medical examination, the unfit to drive was determined. A small amount of cocaine was found when the passenger was checked. The 19-year-old, also from Pinzgau, is reported.

Advertisements at tuning meetings in Salzburg

At a meeting of the tuning scene in the Bergheim and Eugendorf area (both Flachgau) and the city of Salzburg, officials from the regional transport department carried out key checks. A total of 20 vehicle drivers are reported for exceeding the speed limit and seven vehicle drivers for other violations.

Car drivers without a license

An 18-year-old driver was stopped in the area of ​​the Wals (Flachgau) motorway exit due to his abnormal driving style. During the inspection it turned out that the 18-year-old from the city of Salzburg did not have a driving license. The car has been parked, the Salzburg man is reported.

Raser pulled out of circulation

On the Tauern Autobahn (A10) in the area between Salzburg-Süd and Hallein (Tennengau) three speeders were taken out of service. They were traveling at 164 km / h, 171 km / h and 179 km / h. Permitted here are 110 km / h.

In addition, a car driver was measured at 102 km / h at a permitted 50 km / h on the Innsbruck main road in the area of ​​the airport underpass in the city of Salzburg.

On the A1 at 162 km / h

A civil patrol became aware of a car driver on Sunday afternoon on the Westautobahn (A1) in the direction of Vienna, who was driving at clearly excessive speed. At Hallwang (Flachgau) it was measured at a speed of 162 km / h instead of the permitted 100 km / h. The handlebars were stopped and checked. The 24-year-old from Salzburg couldn’t give a reason for his behavior. He is reported and has to reckon with a driving license withdrawal procedure.

License-less speedster stopped

On the same route in the direction of Munich, another driver could be detected at a speed of 114 km / h instead of the permitted 80 km / h. He then left the autobahn and was stopped in the city of Salzburg on Innsbrucker Bundesstrasse. The 27-year-old from Tennengau told the officials that his driver’s license was revoked a year ago. He was forbidden to continue his journey. Multiple notifications will be made.

(Source: SALZBURG24)

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