Controversy in Japan over an official document for pregnant women with advice on how to avoid irritating their husbands

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The mayor of a Japanese city has had to apologize after widespread protests over a document sent to pregnant women containing tips on how to avoid irritating your husbandsaccording to a local official.

The document included a section titled ‘Parental Advice’, which contained responses to a survey conducted five years ago in Onomichiprefecture of Hiroshima (west). On that basis, local authorities have been sharing these lessons about what new fathers liked and disliked about their wives’ behavior after childbirth.

Some men said they were upset when their wife was “irritable for unknown reasons” and she “couldn’t take care of the housework” because she was too busy taking care of the baby.

Japanese women have long faced deep-seated gender stereotypes and the document sparked outrage when it was shared on social media this week. That has led to the mayor of Onomichi, Yuko Hiratanito withdraw it and apologize.

This document “goes against the feelings of people raising children, including pregnant women and mothers with newborns, which has offended many people,” the mayor said in a statement. “The document contains expressions that promote fixed gender roles, so we have stopped distributing it. We sincerely apologize.”

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