Controversy over Giorgia Meloni’s cancellation of a dinner with Joe Biden to go to a pizzeria: "It’s a falsehood"

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Giorgia Meloni’s American mission ended with a dinner organized by the Italian diplomatic representation at the famous Smith&Wollensky steakhouse. The prime minister, with her daughter Ginevra, returned to Rome at dawn yesterday, “satisfied with having brought to the United Nations General Assembly the issue of support for Africa and the fight against human traffickers” and, at the same time time, saddened by the controversies of her debut at the UN headquarters. According to her collaborators, she does not accept that she is described as a head of government who cancels a dinner with Joe Biden to go to a pizzeria (“It is a falsehood, the calendar proves it”) and is bothered by the “bad faith” of those who compare their private agenda with the institutional agenda of the summit “just to attack it.”

Dinner with pizza that ignited the controversy was going to be confidential, until an American journalist revealed it on social networks. Matteo Renzi accused Meloni of “losing face,” among other things because of his decision not to attend the White House party with Joe Biden. For the former prime minister, the right-wing leader “should have postponed the pizza with her daughter.” Attacks that the leader energetically rejects, tired of those who “indulge in judgments” without the necessary verifications. “You can’t tell me that I don’t work hard enough,” she said, “the Americans’ dinner was at 7 the afternoon in New York and I went to the pizzeria at 9 at night, after twelve hours of work at the Crystal Palace, after skipping lunch due to the numerous bilateral meetings and when Biden’s reception had ended.

Meloni tries to close the case with a dig at Renzi and anyone who thinks he didn’t make the most of his UN debut: “Foreign policy is not made with receptions and photo opportunities. And I believe that a sitting prime minister has the right to decide.” their priorities.” The anger towards those on the left who want to “forcibly criticize her” is strong, relieved, however, by the conviction that ““Normal people think they’ve done well.” and that “controversies like these only help me.”

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