Controversy over the victory of Pia's challenge


Pia Miranda, the favorite of the Australian Survivor, took home her first victory for immunity during the Monday night episode – but the controversy tarnished her victory, with some angry spectators who l have been labeled a cheat.

Survivor production company Endemol Shine Australia supported the actress in the wake of the controversy, telling that "Pia was the winner of the challenge. All that was seen saw victory play so ".

The dispute arose from blinking scenes and you will get lost in the closing seconds of the immunity challenge, with survivor fans reach the pause button to determine what happened.

The competitors had to resist a simple but exhausting challenge to have the possibility of obtaining immunity and their security in the tribal council: lie down on an angled platform on the water while hanging from a bar, with the & # 39; last to let go declared the winner.

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Forty-five minutes later, and with half of the competitors already abandoned, host Jonathan LaPaglia made the challenge even more difficult: each player would have to hang from one arm. Even they could not pass from one arm to another: all their body weight would be hung with one hand.

After more than 90 minutes of excitement, only three players remained in the challenge: Miranda, Luke Toki and Simon Black.

Simone was the first of the three to let himself go:

Within seconds, the other two players left in the game reacted very differently. Realizing that she had won, Pia reached over and put her second hand on the bar. Accepting defeat, Luke let himself go and slipped into the water.

The two moves took place within milliseconds. It seems that Pia made her move before Luke did his, so for a brief moment she had two hands on Luke's bar. Did it mean that Pia should have been eliminated and Luke was actually the winner?

A defeat of immunity can make a big difference at this late stage of the game, and while Pia celebrated her victory, many angry viewers took social media to call it a foul:

In a statement given to today, Endemol Shine Australia stated that "the split in which Luke was about to leave and Pia was reaching, it was determined that Pia was the winner of the challenge. All that was seen saw victory play like this ".

The victory of Pia's challenge was not the only controversy in last night's episode, with both Pia and the "godmother" Janine Allis having an epic blind side while their ally Simon was sent on Island of the Exile.

With her discreet control of many aspects of the game, Janine was a division player this season – and it's fair to say a few survivor fans enjoyed seeing her for the first time as she realized that half of her "Champions" alliance had secretly voted against her:

The Australian Survivor will air from 7.30pm to Sundays and Tuesdays at ten.



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