Convention members of the UDI reiterate criticism of the Board of Directors for a controversial change in the text | Special

Saturday July 02, 2022 | 15:50

Convention members of the UDI insisted on criticizing the modification of a concept in the constitutional text, pointing out that it was an “illegal” act. In the Socialist Party they defended the decision of the board of directors, but assured that in order to “avoid controversy” the resolution should have been reviewed again.

Harsh criticism has received the modification of the constitutional text, in which, by decision of the board of directors, it was decided to replace the term “pre-existing peoples and nations” by “indigenous peoples and nations”, in one of the articles.

Let us remember that he was the deputy vice president of the convention, Hernan Larrain Matte, who reported on this change and who also accused that it was an illegitimate situation that dirty the constitutional process.

UDI criticized text change made by Board of Directors

The one who agreed with Larraín’s statements was the conventional of the UDI, Eduardo Cretton, who assured that it was a non-regulatory decision, because the will of the Plenary was skipped.

Meanwhile, in the Socialist Party, the conventional Max Hurtado, defended the table’s resolution, but stated that it should have been reviewed once more to avoid controversy in the final constituent process.

The vice president of the organization, Gaspar Dominguez, was emphatic, clarifying that the change does not alter the meaning of the rule.

Carabineros reported traffic diversions for ceremony

All this takes place before the official delivery of the proposal for the new Constitution, which will take place this Monday, July 4.

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In this framework, the Commander Juan Carlos Rodriguez, Prefect of the Prefecture of Traffic and Highways, announced what the detours will be for that day.

It will be in the former National Congress of Santiago where the ceremony will be held to deliver the final constitutional text to President Gabriel Boric.

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