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JAKARTA – The Jakarta Corruption Court (Tipikor) held a follow-up hearing on the alleged case bribe related to the handling of cases with the accused former investigator of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) from the National Police, AKP Stepanus Robin Pattuju.

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In the trial with the agenda of cross-examination of the two defendants, it was revealed that there was a conversation between the Mayor of Tanjungbalai, M Syahrial and the Deputy Chair of the KPK, Lili Pintauli Siregar. The conversation was allegedly related to M Syahrial’s request to Lili to be assisted in his case. At that time, Syahrial was known to be involved in the bribery case of buying and selling positions in Tanjungbalai.

The conversation was dismantled by Stepanus Robin, who in today’s trial was a witness for the defendant Maskur Husain. Stepanus Robin initially admitted that Syahrial asked for help in finding information related to the case of buying and selling positions. Then, said Stepanus, Syahrial suddenly dragged the name Lili Pintauli Siregar.

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“In the beginning, we only monitored whether this was really a case at the KPK. And that was all who was looking for information, Mr. Maskur. Then after the communication lasted for about 1 week, I was contacted again by Syahrial,” said Stepanus Robin to the prosecutor in the courtroom, Monday. (22/11/2021).

“At that time it was office hours, I remember, Syahrial called me in the afternoon, he said: ‘Bang, have you received this information yet? Because I was just contacted by Mrs. Lili Pintauli Siregar,” he said.

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Stepanus Robin continues Syahrial’s story. In essence, Stepanus said, Lili informed him that the files suspected of the Syahrial case had landed on his desk. Hearing information from Lili, continued Stepanus, Syahrial then asked for help.

“The point is to say; ‘Rial, how is it that your file is on my desk?’ Then Syahrial answered: ‘So what, Ma’am? Help me,’ “said Stepanus.

“Then Mrs. Lili said: ‘Yes, if you want to be helped, you will go to Medan and meet a lawyer named Arif Aceh.’,” he continued.

Hearing the instructions from Lili Pintauli Siregar, Syahrial then confirmed the truth to Stepanus Robin. Stepanus instead asked Syahrial about who the figure referred to as Lili Pintauli Siregar was. To Stepanus Robin, Syahrial confirmed that the Lili Pintauli in question was the head of the KPK.

“Shahrial said to me, ‘This I have confirmed correctly.’ Then I asked, who did you mean by Mrs. Lili?’ said Syahrial,” said Stepanus, breaking his conversation with Syahrial.

“O, means that this brother is in communication with him?’. ‘Yes, I was told to contact Arif Aceh.’ Then Syahrial asked; ‘Do you know the name Arif Aceh? Is he from the KPK or?’ I said that there is no Arif Aceh in the KPK as far as I know,” he concluded.

It was previously known that Stepanus Robin Pattuju was charged with accepting bribes of Rp. 11,025,077,000 and US$ 36,000 or equivalent to Rp. 513 million from various parties. In total, Stepanus Robin received a bribe of Rp 11.5 billion. He was charged with taking bribes together with his colleague, a lawyer, Maskur Husain.

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Meanwhile, the Rp11.5 billion money came from the non-active Mayor of Tanjungbalai, M Syahrial, amounting to Rp1.69 billion. Then, a total of Rp. 3 billion and US$ 36,000 came from the Deputy Speaker of the DPR RI from Golkar, Azis Syamsuddin and the former chairman of the PP Youth Forces of the Golkar Party (AMPG), Aliza Gunado.

Stepanus Robin is also said to have received Rp507 million from the former Mayor of Cimahi, Ajay Muhammad Priatna and Rp5.1 billion from the former Regent of Kutai Kartanegara, Rita Widyasari. Stepanus is also said to have received money from the Director of PT Tenjo Jaya, Usman Effendi, amounting to Rp525 million.

For their actions, Stepanus Robin and Maskur Husain were charged with violating Article 12 letter a and Article 11 in conjunction with Article 18 of Law Number 31 of 1999 concerning the Eradication of Criminal Acts of Corruption (Tipikor) as amended by Law Number 20 of 2001 in conjunction with Article 55 paragraph (1) 1 and Article 65 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.

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