Conviction for sexual abuse of minors complicates the arrival of Miiko Albornoz to Colo Colo

The former soccer player of the Chilean team ended his contract with Hannover 96 and appears as a possible reinforcement of the Cacique. However, a conviction for the sexual abuse of minors that he received in Sweden during 2013, would be putting away his arrival at the Monumental.

Miiko Albornoz appears as an option to reinforce the Colo Colo squad. However, the former soccer player of the Chilean National Team has history of sexual abuse of minors, a fact that would be slowing down his arrival at the Monumental.

On the footballing front, Albornoz ended his contract with Hannover 96, a German club. This alerted the Cacique leaders who put the Swedish-born player in the folder as a possible reinforcement.

On more than one occasion the name Albornoz has been linked to the white painting. Above all, after passing through the Chilean team where was part of the historic team directed by Jorge Sampaoli who was crowned champion of the 2015 Copa América.

Miiko Albornoz, Copa América 2015 / AGENCIAUNO

But… As reported by ESPN Chile journalist Christopher Brandt, a judicial sentence for sexual abuse of minors that Albornoz received in Sweden during 2013It would be the main obstacle that would prevent him from wearing the Cacique shirt this season.

As reported by Brandt, the leadership of Colo Colo left in “revision” the alternative of the soccer player with a Chilean father, however, his arrival at the Cacique is “unlikely”.

In addition, it should be remembered that the club already has a history of Leonardo Valencia, flyer denounced for domestic violence and that will be formalized on May 27.

The Albornoz case

The case of Albornoz, meanwhile, is the following: in 2013, while defending the colors of Malmö (Sweden), he was convicted of sexual abuse of minors after having relations with a girl under 14 years of age. According to their statements in court, both they acknowledged being a couple. And they even argued that the relationship had the consent of the minor’s parents.

However, Swedish law is clear and the judges sentenced Albornoz: they granted him probation for two years and a fine of 500 kroner to the Trust Fund. The footballer served the sentence and his career did not suffer mishaps. After this fact, Albornoz emigrated to German football and was nominated for the first time for La Roja.

The Cacique’s experience

As noted Redgol, in Colo Colo they do not want to relive the “funas” and criticisms that arose after the Valencia case. On that occasion, part of the Alba fanatic, feminist groups and even political figures demanded the footballer’s suspension while the judicial investigation is being carried out.

However, from Macul they issued the following statement: “For us it is very important to be clear about the judicial opinion, before making value judgments. This in the sacred right of presumption of innocence that assists any citizen “. The declaration of the Alba leadership was questioned by broad sectors of the country.

At the moment, Albornoz’s whereabouts are uncertain. The only confirmed reinforcements for the white frame are Juan Carlos Gaete and Felipe Fritz.

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