Cool! Junior High School Students Win 3 Gold Medals at once for East Java at PON XX Papua 2021 : Okezone Sports

JAYAPURA – Fantastic achievements engraved back in PON XX Papua 2021. This time, there is an athlete who is still in junior high school, Gladies Lariesa Garina, who managed to win three gold medals at once for the East Java contingent at the XX Papua PON 2021.

The three gold medals were presented by the Gladies through the aquatic sport. The SMP 40 Surabaya student managed to win gold medals in the women’s tower diving, women’s 3 meter board number, and women’s 1 meter board number XX Papua 2021.

He won three gold medals in a row. Finally, in the final for the women’s 1 meter board number medal, Gladies managed to record the highest points from five jumps.

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The 15-year-old athlete managed to record 281.70. This result made him beat two competitors, Linandini Yasmin (DKI Jakarta) and Linar Betiliana (East Java).

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In fact, this is the first time the Gladies appear in the PON event. After collecting the medals, Gladies said that he did not expect to win three gold medals in his first event.

“Alhamdulillah, I didn’t expect it because it was my first time participating in PON and I managed to beat my seniors,” said Gladies, quoted from the official website of PON XX Papua 2021, Friday (15/10/2021).

“I also didn’t think that in all the number of matches that I participated in, I managed to get gold,” he continued.

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Furthermore, Gladies revealed that the three gold medals were especially dedicated to East Java and its parents. In addition, this achievement is also in accordance with the target set by the East Java contingent.

“I dedicate this (gold) medal first to East Java, then to my parents and my school,” he concluded.

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