Copa Libertadores: Marcelo Gallardo’s River will seek next Tuesday to be the leader of its group

Marcelo Gallardo’s River tried and would repeat the starting team for the match against the Quito League, next Tuesday in the framework of the sixth date of the Copa Libertadores. The cast of the doll wants to classify as leader. The only change was Díaz for Martinez Quarta, recently transferred to Fiorentina.

River Plate has in mind the next game against Liga de Quito, on Tuesday, for the last date of the Group D of the Copa Libertadores. The millionaire coach conducted a practice and tested the best players to find the three points and finish as leaders of the group. For its part, the visit will seek to maintain the leadership of the area.

Marcelo Gallardo's river

The River by Marcelo Gallardo

Enzo Perez, a fundamental player in Marcelo Gallardo’s team, must be very careful and not commit dangerous fouls as he has two yellow cards. If he achieves the third, the midfielder would lose the first leg against the Ecuadorians.

Through its official page, Nuñez’s team reported that the players on the list called up to face the duel against the Quito League for the Copa Libertadores will be: Franco Armani, Enrique Bologna, Germán Lux, Gonzalo Montiel, Milton Casco, Fabrizio Angileri, Paulo Díaz, Robert Rojas, Javier Pinola, Enzo Pérez, Leonardo Ponzio, Bruno Zuculini, Santiago Sosa, Ignacio Fernández, Nicolás De La Cruz, Cristian Ferreira, Rafael Santos Borré, Matías Suárez, Julián Álvarez, Lucas Pratto, Federico Girotti and Lucas Beltrán.

It is worth mentioning that River comes from beating San Pablo 2-1 at the Independiente stadium and the Ecuadorian team has beaten Binacional 4-0.

The probable team to host Liga de Quito

With the change of Díaz by Martínez Quarta, River would finally form with Franco Armani; Gonzalo Montiel, Paulo Díaz, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco; Ignacio Fernández, Enzo Pérez, Nicolás De La Cruz; Julián Álvarez, Rafael Santos Borré and Matías Suárez.


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