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Coping with coronavirus, a challenge for mental well-being (video) El Tiempo Latino

Against the coronavirus, anxiety and stress gained ground. Feelings like this are normal, but there are ways to see the glass as half full. This was confirmed by Dr. Claudia Campos, a graduate in clinical psychology, through an exclusive interview with Rafael Ulloa, executive editor of El Tiempo Latino.

On days when chaos is rampant, the mental health expert, who works on causes linked to female empowerment and the eradication of violence against women at DMV, provided advice on how to manage now and aim for a more favorable north.

The specialist warned that these days “we have all been exposed to a myriad of situations that will make our emotional health not be 100% like other times.” According to Campos, “we are going to be exposed to anxiety, stress, fear, anguish, uncertainty. These are all emotions that are not pleasant and make people distressing. ”

He asked to lose his fear “of the reactions that are causing this.” He recalled that these are times of change and that is why joy does not abound, but everything depends on factors linked to resilience, the way in which the crisis is faced.

“Those factors that you used to adapt (to previous situations) are factors that are going to help us today,” he said.

He mentioned Grotberg’s model of resilient verbalizations and the questions that may emerge from it (I have, I am, I am and I can). “We are focusing so much on everything we are losing that a resilience factor right now is what do I have?” For this, the psychologist mentioned those details that compensate for the crisis, such as friends, work, family, among other aspects.

Regarding the “I am”, he clarified that how one is as people and the self-love that one can have, as well as the optimism that invites us to remember that we have been able to overcome old crises. Regarding the “I am”, he explained the security and confidence that must be had despite the mishap: “This is transitory.”

Regarding the last point, Campos, who stands out as founder and president of the Integral Center for Women and co-founder of Latinas USA, made mention of looking for the appropriate moment to carry out actions that generate positive change (I can seek help).

In days when the coronavirus is news and the battle against the pandemic is still in progress, the expert considered it normal for stress to be part of everyday life; however, pessimism should not be greater than optimism.

Regarding vulnerability these days, the specialist referred to those who have a compromised health condition and who know that Covid-19 usually has a greater impact on this type of organisms, as well as those affected by the changes; however, almost no one has been unscathed in the face of the increased outbreak.

As for the signs, Campos asked to be alert to certain symptoms: “anxiety is a reaction mechanism (…) the emotions we are feeling are our allies. We all feel fear, “he said.

He asked to take fear, rather than as a bad emotion, as an alert to face the crisis. “Stress produces cortisol, which is very harmful to the body,” so he asked to learn how to manage it.

But not everyone manages to do it. That’s when the time comes to seek help. “In almost every county, the emotional health service portion is on the alert,” he said. In addition, it made its own services available to help in times of coronavirus. Those interested can contact her through the 2404263756.

“Right now, for ourselves, for our children and our family, we need to make ourselves comfortable so that we can help transit something that we do not know if time is short or long,” he recommended.

According to the mental health specialist, well-being has to do with how things are interpreted beyond what they are. “We have to accept that this is reality and that we have to generate new habits.”

To prevent contagion from increasing, in the United States, as well as in a large part of the world, measures were applied that work with respect for quarantine and maintain social distance. Campos respects and encourages the regulations, because “the fewer people who become infected, we will be able to help all this,” he said.

But this also brings with it regrettable episodes linked to domestic violence. For Campos, the numbers of chaos could increase. “Stress, lack of uncertainty about the economy and alcohol are factors” that will lead to new cases.

The expert closed by stating that “there will be a world before the coronavirus and another after it, because it has made us all reflect and understand things, some from the spiritual and others from the personal.”

“Use this space, this time to reinvent yourself in many things and to make a life plan,” he recommended.


Coping with coronavirus, a challenge for mental well-being


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