Copyright: Google publishes figures on online piracy


Google has again published data on online anti-piracy measures. In the "Countering Google Piracy (PDF)" report, the company explains the programs, policies and technology that Google uses to combat copyright infringement on its platforms in 2018.

Google believes it is important that creators and artists are able to make money online with their content. Therefore, the company takes a series of measures to protect them from those who "I want a pirate"Basically, online piracy is slowing down and spending on legal content across content categories is increasing, according to Google, which is seen as a confirmation of its actions.

The following numbers published by Google for monetization and copyright protection:

  • Over $ 3 billion: YouTube paid this amount to rights holders who monetized their content in other videos using Content ID, the rights management tool.
  • Over $ 100 million: Google has invested this amount in creating Content IDs, including staff and IT resources.
  • Over $ 1.8 billion: YouTube paid this amount through the advertising revenue for the music industry between October 2017 and September 2018.
  • Over $ 3 billion: this number of URLs has been removed from Google's search for copyright infringement because a registration form for the corresponding rights holders has been introduced.
  • Over $ 10 million: the number of ads rejected by Google in 2017 due to suspected copyright infringement or link to pages that violate the rights of the author.

Create legal alternatives

In the next few years, Google wants to reduce copyright infringement. To this end, better and better legal alternatives need to be created to counter illegal piracy. In addition, the company wants to follow the money and websites that make money with online piracy with Google, withdraw the source of money, are no longer authorized to use the Google advertising system. At the same time, Google also wants to expose false allegations of infringement in order to obtain a political or competitive advantage in order to avoid incorrectly removing the content.


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