Core i9-9980HK: Intel designs eight notebook cores


In the second quarter of 2019, eight-core Intel notebook processors will be released. This suggests exporting the manufacturer's documents, such as momomo_us have been discovered These contain technical data on a total of six models, such as the Core i9-9980HK, the Core i7-9850H and the Core i5-9400H.

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Technically, the chips are based on the design of Coffee Lake Refresh, which is sold in the desktop segment among other things like the Core i9-9900K (test). The processors have up to eight cores and have been hardened as eighth Gen in hardware against L1TF (L1 Terminal Fault or Foreshadow) and Meltdown V3 (Rogue Data Cache Load), other vulnerabilities such as Specter V2 (Branch Target Injection) will continue to be microcode and operating system and software.

The flagship model is the Core i9-9980HK with up to 5 GHz and eight cores and 16 threads, the slightly slower Core i9-9880H can handle up to 4.8 GHz. The loss of permanent thermal power should be as usual at 45 watts. Between the two Core i9s, Intel continues to position the Core i7-9850H and Core i7-9750H with eight cores, but without hyperthreading. Add to that the Core i5-9400H and Core i5-9300H, which are quad-core with eight threads.

For the desktop, Intel also provides a Core i9-9900KFC, which is taken from the release notes (now modified) of a beta version of the Aida64 analysis tool. Typically, a suffix K indicates a free multiplier and the F tag for a & # 39; graphic unit disabled. Intel recently used a C suffix for Broadwell models, such as the Core i7-5775C (test), which incorporated DRAM as an L4 cache, which can also be used by the CPU cores.


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