Corinne Deacon, the silent force of the Blue


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Corinne Deacon, in Brest, in 2014.
Corinne Deacon, in Brest, 2014. FRED TANNEAU / AFP

Behind every world champion title hides a coach to the maneuver. The 1998 victory owes much to Aimé Jacquet's strong choices and the 2018 victory was shaped by the strategist Didier Deschamps. In 2019, a possible home win for the French women's team would be no exception. And to finally record a first line on their list, Blue relies on Corinne Deacon.

"The right man in the right place", the American industrialist Frederick Winslow Taylor just needs to be feminized to join the new coach, entered in August 2017. At 44, the former central defender at 121 international presences, remained loyal to any his career in the club of the small town Charente of Soyaux (9,000 inhabitants), succeeded two men who have failed: in the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics for one, Philippe Bergeroo (2013-2016), and in the quarters of 39; Euro 2017 for the other, Olivier Echouafni (2016-2017).

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The candidacy of Corinne Deacon has therefore been imposed. The reputation of Norther had long since surpassed the boundaries of women's football. Pioneer, she was the first woman to achieve the highest coaching diploma, the certificate of professional soccer coach, in 2014, before becoming, one month later, the first to train a professional men's club, that of Clermont. .

Authority and pragmatism

In Auvergne, Deacon quickly overcame the effect of curiosity and forced compliance. The president of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët, had to do it twice to convince her to take control of the selection. Deacon succeeded Elisabeth Loisel, ten years after the end of the reign of this precursor of the Blue patrons between 1997 and 2007. Another was. French women's football still suffered from a lack of media coverage despite the goals of Marinette Pichon, the first Habs difficult to extract from an unjust anonymity.

Upon arrival, Corinne Deacon imposed her style, imbued with authority and pragmatism. The counters have been reset. He did not hesitate to remember the aggressor Gaëtane Thiney, fired by Philippe Bergeroo for the 2016 Olympics and did not hold back on his arrival at the head of Blue. The captain's armband went from defender Wendie Renard to midfielder Amandine Henry. Deacon then conducts an extensive staff review, testing the international news, not just those of the two best clubs in France, Lyon and PSG. It involves other clubs in Division 1.


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