Corn milk: New milk alternative being tested

Rheintal corn drink

From “No, please” to “Brutal fine” – that’s what you say about the latest milk alternative

A new corn drink has recently been on the market. 20 minutes, the milk alternative was offered to passers-by in the old town of St. Gallen to try and asked for feedback.

published6. May 2023, 04:19

In the video you can see the reactions to the new corn drink.

20min/Samira Banziger

  • The Rheintal company Lütolf is now producing a milk alternative based on corn.

  • The corn drink is the first milk alternative in Switzerland to be made entirely from corn.

  • The product was tested by passers-by on the street for 20 minutes.

The Rheintal company Lütolf from St. Margrethen SG worked for a long time on the recipe for a new vegan milk alternative. The product has been available on the market since last week. The corn drink is not made from oats or soy like conventional milk alternatives, but from corn. According to self-promotion, it should be the only product of this type in Switzerland.

The milk alternative is made from a by-product: corn haze. This accumulates when corn is processed and is reused for the production of the corn drink. The company otherwise produces chips from Rheintaler Ribelmais, among other things.

Passers-by reacted differently when trying it: from “I would definitely not drink it” to “I will definitely buy the milk” the feedback included everything. In the video above you can see all the reactions of the tasters. The milk drink is available in branches of Coop Ostschweiz and at Spar.

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