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Corona and Sport – Kroos counters criticism of salary cuts: “not translated correctly”

The corona virus also has a firm grip on sport. It is still completely unclear when the major competitions will continue. An overview of the current developments.

The Bundesliga paused, the sport stopped. The reason is the corona virus, the spread of which is to be contained by this drastic measure. The news blog contains all the important information about the latest developments. Large messages are handled separately.

April 9: RB Leipzig supports local clubs with virtual tickets

Bundesliga club RB Leipzig is committed to football clubs in the Saxon city in times of the corona crisis. The club is now offering virtual tickets for the price of two euros for the home game against SC Paderborn, which would originally have taken place on April 18. The entire proceeds of the campaign “will benefit the clubs of the Leipzig Football Association,” said RB.

Kroos counters criticism of wage cut “not translated correctly”

National soccer player Toni Kroos has come under fire in Spain for his negative attitude towards waiving his salary. He is now defending himself against this on the short message service Twitter. There he wrote in Spanish and therefore readable for his international fans: “It is possible that it has not been translated correctly or that some do not want to understand it To help clubs, it’s logical to give up part of our salary. “

Kroos criticized for “no” to cut wages in Spain

National soccer player Toni Kroos has come under fire in Spain for his negative attitude towards waiving his salary. The midfielder of record champions Real Madrid is criticized by the media and fans, among other things, as unsound and unrealistic. He had previously spoken out against a cut in his earnings in the Corona crisis.

“He has to go back to earth. He showed an insensitivity that hurts me,” said the journalist Tomas Roncero from the newspaper “AS”, known in Spain, on a TV talk show on Wednesday night. Kroos had shown “that he doesn’t care about the company that pays him”. That was “like a slap in the face,” said former goalkeeper and ex-coach Jorge D’Alessandro on the same show. “This man lives in a bubble, in another world. The 30-year-old Kroos had said” Steil extra! “In the SWR podcast:” Waiving your salary is like making a donation to nothing or to the club, whereby it is not necessary here. “

Juve trainer Sarri donates 4,000 respirators

Trainer Maurizio Sarri from Italian record champions Juventus Turin gives 4,000 respirators to his hometown Figline in Tuscany. The coach, together with his family and some friends, raised the money for the donation to the community, which will distribute the masks to the population. Mayor Giulia Mugnai thanked Sarris for “great sensitivity”.

In December, the trainer announced the establishment of a foundation to support sports activities in Tuscany. Figline is not one of the most affected communities in Italy, but mouth protection has become scarce in Tuscany too. The number of Covid 19 deaths in Italy has risen to over 17,000.

April 8: Ex-European champion Sabia dies after corona infection

Italy’s former European Athletics Champion Donato Sabia died of lung disease Covid-19 at the age of only 56. The national association Fidal announced on Wednesday. A few days earlier, Sabia’s father had also died after being infected with the corona virus.

Donato Sabia was European Indoor Champion over 800 meters in Gothenburg in 1984. His best Olympic result was fifth place in the 1984 Los Angeles 800m final when Brazilian Joaquim Cruz won.

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