Corona: China reports worrying – incident causes horror: woman accidentally declared dead

Numerous countries are currently struggling with the spread of the corona virus. South America is also struggling with the numbers. China, however, wants to have new insights. The ticker to worldwide news.

Update 1:10 p.m .: One because of a mix-up woman mistakenly declared dead from Ecuador has recovered after a three-week coma in the hospital. As her family reported on Friday, Alba Maruri was with Symptoms one Covid-19 disease Arrived at Guayaquil Hospital and pronounced dead on March 27th. A week later, the relatives were given a body, which was cremated without family identification.

In reality, however, Maruri was in hospital in the coma her nephew Juan Carlos Ramírez told the AFP news agency on Friday. Because of the general confusion at the height of the Corona outbreak in the city there was a confusion in the clinic, which led to his aunt being declared dead.

When the 74-year-old finally woke up on Thursday, she gave her name and telephone number to her sister, the mistake cleared up.

The family now has a problem: they do not know who the ashes come from, which they keep in an urn. Maruri’s relatives are demanding compensation from the hospital for the mental suffering caused by the false death notice and reimbursement of the crematorium costs.

Corona virus worldwide: prisoners in Argentina protest

Update from April 25, 9.45 a.m .: In Buenos Aires, after hours of negotiations between representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the prison administration and representatives of the prisoners, the prisoners stopped the uprising on Friday evening (local time) for the time being. On Saturday, a delegation from the authorities should inspect the damage in the detention center and then negotiate with the prisoners at a round table, among other things, about transfers to house arrest.

Prison mutinies have occurred repeatedly throughout Latin America over the past few weeks due to the corona pandemic. In the often overcrowded detention centers, people have poor access to hot water, soap and medical care. “Physical distance and self-isolation are practically impossible under such conditions,” said the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet.

Update at 7:31 p.m .: For fear of being infected with the novel Corona virus to have Prisoners in a detention center in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires protested against the hygienic conditions behind bars. Prisoners in a federal prison in the Villa Devoto district set fire to mattresses and threw stones, chairs, and metal pieces from the roof of the detention center onto the police on the ground, as seen on TN television on Friday. A banner read: “We refuse to die in prison.”

The Prisoners demanded that Safety measures taken in the detention center to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. They also requested that relatives of risk groups be placed in house arrest. Most recently, the Supreme Criminal Court had already recommended, for example, that pre-trial detainees, prisoners under three years of age, pregnant women and older prisoners be released into house arrest.

The renowned virologist Prof. Christian Drosten arranged the situation in Germany in an interview and gave his opinion on easing.

Corona virus worldwide: President of South Africa reacts ironically to “mask fiasco”

Update at 4.30 p.m .:

After an accidentMask demonstration on TV South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has the laughs on his side. At the end of a speech to the nation, the 67-year-old had visible in front of the cameras the night before Problems with his mouthguard on. On Friday he said self-deprecating at a press meeting in Johannesburg: “I say to everyone who laughed at me yesterday: I’m going to start a TV show and teach people how to put on a mask … “ His desperate attempts at the mask had caused mockery on social media.

He had the speech careful loosening the curfew explained. His finance minister, Tito Mboweni, announced on Friday cuts and shifts in the budget to finance a billion dollar rescue package announced by Ramaphosa. It is intended to cushion the devastating economic consequences of the Corona crisis in the country. There should be cuts in the tourism sector, for example, which has come to a standstill. Mboweni also defended talks with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Coronavirus worldwide: World’s largest rodeo show in Canada canceled

Update at 4:29 p.m .:

Because of the corona pandemic is the agricultural exhibitionCalgary Stampede, which is also the largest rodeo show in the world and attracts more than a million people to the central Canadian city of Calgary every year. “It’s very, very difficult”said the Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi, on Friday night. “But this year, with this risk, we simply cannot do it.”

The spectacle was scheduled for July 3rd to 12th. Last year, US acrobat Nik Wallenda had crossed the Calgary Stampede on a rope at a height of 35 meters, breaking the record for the longest rope walk in an urban area.

Coronavirus in China: hopes of immunity probably disappointed

Update at 12.51 p.m.: One of the great hopes for overcoming the corona pandemic was that immunity from those who have already recovered. If you believe the latest observations from Chinese doctors, they must be disappointed: After the first cases became known from South Korea, in which it was suspected that already recovered from Covid-19 patients with the virus, similar reports from China now follow.

According to the Reuters news agency, the number of people who have survived Corona is increasing in China continue to test positive for Covid-19. The infected people no longer show symptoms, but after an initial negative test, further tests followed later another positive result. This phenomenon occurred up to 70 days after the negative test and persisted for another 60 days.

Coronavirus in China: Recovered Patients Infected Again? Scientists still have hope

The reassuring thing about these cases is at least that none of the patients so far infected other people. In addition, re-infection can probably be ruled out, since the previously infected remain in monitored quarantine.

“I’m sure she were not infected again“Says an intensive care doctor from Zhongnan Hospital in Wuhan, China. Experts continue to assume that the virus will be reactivated in the body of the previously sick.

Corona: China with new findings on infection – air conditioning systems should transmit virus

First report from April 24th: China – A with Covid-19 infected man * has in China Apparently two families are infected in a restaurant. The virus is said to be there air conditioner have been spread. This was the conclusion reached by the Chinese epidemic protection agency CDC, which reconstructed the infection route of three families.

Corona spread through air conditioning: families in China infected in restaurant

The three families had been diagnosed with Corona * from late January to early February, according to For two of the families, it was previously unclear where they could have been infected *. However, all family members were guests in the same restaurant in Guangzhou on January 24, where the sick person was with his family.

The restaurant had no windows, only a ventilation system. This must have promoted the spread of the virus *, which occurs worldwide, since the infected person was too far away from the other two families for a droplet infection. Larger breath droplets usually cannot stay in the air for long, according to the experts. In addition, they do not cover a distance longer than one meter. The man, who later fell ill with Covid-19, had traveled with his family from Wuhan, China.

Corona spread through air conditioning: airflow spreading viruses in restaurant

According to the disease control agency’s report, it is likely that the ventilation system’s airflow caused the viruses to spread to the other two families. One of the families was apparently sitting directly under the central air conditioning in the five-story restaurant.

In Germany, research is currently underway on a vaccine against Covid-19 *. In addition, the GroKo has put together a comprehensive package of measures in the corona crisis. However, some of the demands seem highly questionable.

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