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Corona crisis in Switzerland – “We are over the mountain if it is the last mountain” – News

  • There are still 500 to 700 new Covid 19 cases per day in Switzerland.
  • However, the trend is still pointing downwards, as Daniel Koch, BAG delegate for Covid-19, said at a media conference.
  • According to Eric Scheidegger from Seco, the economic situation has deteriorated much more than expected at the beginning of the crisis. So far, 25 percent of productivity has been lost.

“We’re over the mountain if it’s the last mountain,” said Daniel Koch at the BAG. It is always possible that there will be a rise again. But it looks good at the moment. There is a stabilization and a tendency in the right direction. But it must be clear to everyone that it is now a matter of perseverance, said Koch.

There are still several dozen deaths a day. The disease should not be underestimated. The very elderly are particularly at risk, but there is no guarantee that younger people will not get the virus too seriously. So everyone would have to keep trying to get back to normal, said Koch.

“You have to stay flexible”

There is always a risk that cases will increase again. However, nobody knew how much measures could be relaxed without risking a second wave. “You have to stay flexible when you see that it can’t be done,” said Koch. But it would also be impossible for the Federal Council to provide a safe timetable.

It is clear that the currently underutilized hospitals and medical practices should “return to everyday life as quickly as possible, but with protective measures for people at risk”. The federal government is aware that the demand for hospital services has decreased, said Koch. “That was so wanted and necessary.”

Economy with 25 percent loss of production

The economy has deteriorated much more sharply since mid-March than was expected at the beginning of the corona crisis. According to Eric Scheidegger, head of the Economic Policy Directorate at the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco), a quarter of productivity has so far been lost.

In various sectors such as the hospitality industry, the failure is over 80 percent, while retail and transport have so far lost 50 to 60 percent of productivity, said Scheidegger at the media conference. The economic forecasts for March are therefore “already out of date”.

The two current negative scenarios of the Seco are now assuming a more severe recession than previously thought, in which the recovery “could also be delayed”. The gross domestic product could decrease by 7 to 10 percent.

Army plans to reduce deployment from next week

5,000 members of the army have been called up for assistance in the fight against Covid-19. Only a part of this group is actually in action. Brigadier Raynald Droz counters the allegation that the army has exaggerated the contingent.

At the media conference, he recalled the situation six weeks ago. At that time, the wave from northern Italy hit Switzerland. They had no idea how that would work. “We had no time and no choice,” said Droz. That’s why the maximum was done.

From next week, however, it will be discussed how the balance between resources and demand can be improved.


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