Corona deprives Chelsea of ​​Kante’s efforts against Juventus

German coach Thomas Tuchel announced on Tuesday that French international midfielder N’Golo Kante, who was found to be infected with the Corona virus, will miss the defending champion’s match against Juventus in the second round of the group stage of the Champions League on Wednesday.

“N’Golo’s test was positive for the Corona virus and he must be placed in quarantine. He was not in training today,” Tuchel said in the press conference he held before the expected match.

And the laws of the British government stipulate that the quarantine period in case of infection with Corona is 10 days, which means that the 2018 World Cup champion will also not be able to play his team’s match at home against Southampton in the domestic league on Saturday.

Chelsea started the campaign to defend their title by defeating Zenit St Petersburg, Russia, 1-0, while the “old lady” team defeated Malmo, Sweden, by 3-0.

Without revealing whether Kante had received the anti-Corona vaccine, Tochel seemed cautious about the question that revolved around the players receiving the vaccine.

“The players are mature and make their own decisions, and we have to accept that,” he said.

He continued: “Personally, I can make the appropriate decision, but everyone has to think whether or not he will risk it. It is a sensitive question. The vaccine seems to be real protection, and I personally received the vaccine but I am not in a position to give recommendations, that would be a lot for me.” for a coach.”

Tuchel, who will also have to dispense with the efforts of Reece James, Mason Mount and American Christian Pulisic with injuries, concluded, “We are not angry with Kante, at all. We are worried as we are about the rest of the injured players, but certainly we would have preferred our ranks to be complete.”

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