Corona Envoy: Act now to avoid lockdown • São Paulo postpones carnival

Feike Sijbesma, the cabinet’s special coronation emissary, is concerned about a possible second corona wave. In NRC says the former CEO of DSM that he wants the cabinet to intervene to prevent a new lockdown. “We hardly keep a distance anymore, there is a lack of clarity about mouth masks and we don’t get tested very much. It is not going well,” he says in the newspaper.

He also sees parallels with the start of the outbreak. “We didn’t see it coming in February, even when it really came. Now you can see that again. We wonder again whether some measures, such as a mouth mask obligation, are proportional. But strong actions now are better than later again a lockdown. That is much more economically disruptive. “

Sijbesma believes that the government has left it unclear for too long about the usefulness of mouth masks. “I am happy that the cabinet and the OMT now sit together. Let them make a clear decision about this. Otherwise you create non-commitment and ambiguity among the people, “the newspaper quotes the cabinet’s voluntary corona adviser.

Furthermore, the corona envoy in NRC says that the pace of negotiations for a potential corona vaccine is of concern to him. For example, the US, the UK and China already have deals with vaccine manufacturers and the EU not yet. “It is always difficult if you negotiate with more countries at the same time, but it is time that we as Europe now show that we can also accelerate,” he says.

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