World Corona / Europe: New terrifying statistics belies skeptics

Corona / Europe: New terrifying statistics belies skeptics

The corona crisis has devastating consequences in Europe. Thousands of people have died of Covid-19. All news in the news ticker.

  • So far, Sweden has pursued a different strategy in the Corona * crisis than most European countries.
  • In a press conference, the WHO Europe chief warns of easing efforts.
  • He says: “We have to show solidarity with all population groups.”
  • Here you will find the basic facts about the corona virus and the corona news from Germany. You can also find current case numbers in Germany as a map. The following recommendations for corona protective measures are currently available.

Update, 9:34 p.m .: According to a project called “Euromomo” it is Death rate increased in European countries. For a total of 24 countries in Europe, the project records weekly whether there are more deaths than would actually be expected.

In the overall statistics, as can be seen on the website, a clear rash can be seen – which is most likely due to the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 goes back. Accordingly, after an average of normal 60,000 deaths in the reporting states in calendar week 14, almost 70,000 people have died on average.

“Estimates of the” Euromomo “network show one sharp increase in all-cause mortality in the participating European countries related to the Covid-19 pandemic“write the researchers, as the” Spiegel “reports.

The rise goes back to the four European countries that are badly affected by the corona pandemic: Italy, France, Spain, England. In all four states, Covid-19 has killed more people than at any other time. But the death rate is also increased in Switzerland. And also in Belgium and Portugal according to statistics, the death rate is at least slightly increased.

These statistics show that the pandemic leads to a significantly increasing death rate in affected countries and cannot be compared to a normal flu wave.

Meanwhile, the corona virus hits an extreme metropolis in Ecuador. Corpses lie there on the street for days.

Update, 6.30 p.m .: Poland’s government released exit restrictions to curb the country on Thursday Coronavirus pandemic extended. According to data from Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki the borders will be closed to foreigners until May 3rd. All shops – with the exception of grocery stores and pharmacies – will be closed until April 19, school lessons, international flights and train travel will remain suspended until April 26.

“We have the ability to control the spread of the coronavirus,” said Morawiecki. As of next Thursday, however, people would have to “cover their faces if they ventured out the door”, announced Health Minister Lukasz Szumowski on. He added that this “doesn’t necessarily mean wearing a mask”

Corona virus in Europe: France doubles economic aid package

In the meantime, France is doubling its economic aid package in the Corona crisis 100 billion euros. Finance Minister said Bruno Le Maire the business newspaper “Les Echos” according to information from Thursday. So far looked Paris 45 billion euros. According to Le Maire, the financial injection for the healthcare system will be increased from two to seven billion euros, more than tripling.

Update, 5.11 p.m .: The one in force in France Curfew is expected to be extended beyond April 15th. Want more details President Emanuel Macron announce on Easter Monday in a television address.

In Spain, where the government still wants to decide on an extension today, thousands of deaths could not have appeared in the official statistics: In Madrid region many people died in old people’s homes who had not previously been tested for infection. In total, at least 15,200 people died in Spain. After 757 new deaths were registered on Wednesday, there were only 683 today – the number fell for the second time in a row.

Corona virus in Europe: Spain probably on the way to easing

Update from April 9th, 2020, 11:09 am: “Even a small mistake can trigger a relapse,” said Spain Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez in the morning at one Parliamentary debate to relax the measures. Although the pandemic in Spain is “under control thanks to the alarm status”, the Easing done gradually, so Sanchez continue. After the debate, a vote will be taken to extend the measures to April 26.

Are currently with Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium and Turkey still seven European countries among the ten most known countries in the world Coronavirus infections. Spain is still the sad leader, with almost 150,000 infected and almost 15,000 deceased (Source: Johns Hopkins University).

Corona virus in Europe: peak not yet reached

Update 7.30 p.m .: The Corona pandemic still has ECDC in Europe, according to the EU health authority did not peak. “Despite early indications from Italy and Austria that the number of cases and deaths is decreasing, there is currently no evidence at EU / EEA level that the epidemic has reached its peak,” said the European Center for Prevention and Control of illnesses on Wednesday in his updated risk assessment.

Corona virus in Europe: EU health authority expects further spread

Major increases continue to be reported in various countries in the European Economic Area and in the UK. “In the current situation, one can further spread of the virus is expected“, Said ECDC director Andrea Ammon. It was too early to suddenly remove all measures to avoid physical contact in the region – even if they were very disruptive to society on a social and economic level.

In line with this assessment, the EU Commission for an extension of the extensive entry stop to the European Union until May 15th out. However, the decision about such entry restrictions can still be made by each country. The German Ministry of the Interior responded positively to the proposal. “Relaxation in the border regime is currently not justifiable,” said a spokesman for the German Press Agency. “That is why we think the Commission’s proposal is correct.”

The EU Commission also made a recommendation for an exit strategy. So they should Corona restrictions from the Commission’s point of view only in small, tightly controlled steps a period of relaxed for several months will. This emerges from the draft of the so-called exit strategy, which the Commission plans to publish next week.

Corona virus in Europe: EU Commission warns of increasing number of cases of loosening

“Any gradual relaxation of the restrictions on going out will inevitably lead to an increase in new cases,” the paper says. So two should requirements from the Commission’s point of view: a noticeable one Slowing the spread of the virus as well as a sufficient number of hospital and intensive care beds.

Update 3:01 p.m .: Among the countries that are loosening up the stringent measures against virus spread worldwide are a few European countries – the steps are different.

While in Denmark to parents in Home office is thought and Crèches, kindergartens and schools The Austrians are allowed to reopen the fifth grade from April 15th to smaller shops and hardware stores from April 14th. A timetable for lifting measures in Hotels and gastronomy should be available from the end of May.

With Disinfectants and Minimum distance people in the Czech Republic will soon be allowed to go to hardware stores again – here too golf and tennis are allowed again. Norway not only wants to make the kindergartens (from April 20) and schools (from April 27) available again to its citizens, but also to allow them to spend the night in their beloved huts again.

Coronavirus in Europe: WHO Europe press conference

Update 11:53 a.m.: In conclusion, Kluge emphasizes: “It is not a question of flattening the curve of the infections, we have to interrupt them completely.”

Update 11.48 a.m .:Lockdowns are not the solution“Said Aylward. You are currently learning a lot about the virus and its spread in order to be able to react faster and more adequately to individual infections and major outbreaks in the future.

Update 11:37 a.m.: Ayward takes three insights from his investigations:

1. The infections are to be taken seriously, the severe course should not be wished for by anyone

2. Even very good health systems can be overwhelmed within a very short time

3. We have to adapt to a new reality

The current measures are only there to prepare for what he calls the “new Covid reality”, the current period after the lockdowns. One now had to learn how test capacities and hospital capacities could be ramped up and how one could pass the marathon well.

Update 11:29 a.m.: In Spain there are also regions where 80% of those infected are under 70 – this also affects the working population severely, many are affected for several weeks, reports Aylward of his visit to Spain.

The catastrophic situation in Spain was inspired by how quickly the hospitals switched their processes and how quickly the cities of Madrid and Barcelona – otherwise known for their liveliness – supported the health system by staying at home.

Corona virus in Europe: the speed of the virus is surprising

Update 11:26 a.m .: Connected via video Dr. Bruce Aylward, senior adviser to WHO directors, who has visited Madrid and hot spots in Italy in the past few weeks, as well as various test centers to get an overview. The unbelievable speed at which the virus spread was surprising – for example in Spain, where all regions were affected within two weeks.

Update 11.25 a.m .: With a view to the upcoming Easter, he asks people not to let up in their efforts – despite the nice weather.

Update 11:22 a.m .: Kluge demands solidarity – especially with people in humanitarian crises, refugees, homeless people, people in prisons, children who are victims of abuse and people who have poor access to health systems. “We mustn’t forget anyone” – not even the refugee camps in Greece, where cases have already been shown.

Coronavirus in Europe: Smart – we have to triple efforts

Update 11:16 p.m.: Dr. Hans Kluge continues: “Now is not the time to relax measures – we have to double and triple our efforts.” Three points are in focus:

  1. Strengthen health systems and health workers
  2. Weakens the spread of the virus
  3. Governments must involve people in the measures

“There is no need to breathe a sigh of relief, any loosening can only happen with knowledge of the virus and the state of the health system.”

The WHO will provide advice and support to governments and, for example, make results from individual countries available to others as well as employees. This has already happened in Belarus, for example.

Update from April 8, 11.11 a.m .: In many of the countries affected in Europe, the death rate exceeded expectations, said Kluge. It can be observed that the number of new infections is declining in some countries, such as Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. The numbers would increase in Turkey, Israel, Ukraine, Norway and Sweden.

Although there were also deaths among children, 95% of the deceased were over 60.

Update from April 8, 11:07 a.m .: Dr. Hans Kluge, WHO’s regional director, said that the 15th week of the epidemic in Europe said Europe was still the center of the pandemic. There are reasons to be optimistic, but there is also cause for further concern.

Corona virus in Europe: Finland is said to have protective stocks

Update from April 7, 2:45 p.m .: During the Lack of protective items many countries in the fight against that Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 further burdened and faced with a great challenge, a country does not have to worry too much about the topic.

A report from the “New York Times” did Finland Protection articles hoarded for years and are said to be in possession of a gigantic store. These should not only include masks, gloves and protective suits, but also grain, fuel and other raw materials. All this is said to be in the camps of the National Emergency Care Authority (NESA) lie.

Corona in Finland: “Storage centers are confidential”

To be prepared for an emergency is in the DNA of the Finns, according to the head of NESA, Tomi Lounema, opposite the “New York Times”. However, it is not known exactly how many masks and other medical materials the country has. “All information about our supply centers is kept confidential,” says Lounema.

According to current case numbers, almost 2,300 people in Finland are currently infected with the corona virus. So far, 27 people have died of Covid-19 (Source: John Hopkins University, April 7, 3:05 p.m.).

Our first announcement of April 7, 2020: Corona: Does Sweden’s special path lead to “catastrophe”? Nurse with an alarming report

Stockholm – The Corona Crisis Europe limits the lives of many people. Italy and Spain have recorded the most devastating effects of the Sars-CoV-2 * coronavirus. Thousands of people are infected, thousands of people are through Covid-19 died. While life in large parts of Europe largely stands still due to exit restrictions, one country has followed a different line – and the criticism for it is getting louder and louder.

Corona in Europe: Special route in Sweden – no exit restrictions, schools still open

Sweden is pursuing in the
So far, the corona pandemic has been a different strategy than most other European countries. There is none
Exit restrictions *. Schools, restaurants and sports facilities are still open.

The Swedish government just called on people to keep their distance from their fellow human beings and, if possible, work from home. It was the recommendations of the highest health authority and the S
State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell followed. Just recently, Tegnell had said, “I would go skiing.”

There is also a ban on meetings for more than 50 people and a ban on visiting nursing homes. The goal was to limit the spread of the virus as much as possible.

Corona in Europe: Special route in Sweden – no exit restrictions, schools still open

However, the handling of the corona situation is not considered positive by everyone in Sweden. Sten Linnarsson, professor of molecular systems biology at the Karolinska Institute, pointed to a high risk “that we will soon regret the previous strategy.”

Söderberg-Nauclér, a colleague of Linnsarssons said: “We are not tracking, we are not isolating enough – we have let go of the virus.” She warns of a “catastrophe”. Both are among the signatories of an open letter that calls for nationwide tests in the population, as reported by “ntv”.

According to official information, Sweden has a comparatively low number of cases *. So 7,206 people are infected with the corona virus, 477 died Covid-19.

Corona in Sweden: Sobering report from a nurse goes viral

But the criticism is getting louder. A nurse ‘s report University Clinic Uppsala on Facebook attracted attention and is very popular Sweden. The post has been shared more than 40,000 times.

“The last few days have been overwhelming, now the patients are streaming along Covid-19 really to us and they are sick, very seriously ill, ”she wrote and continued:“ Half of the people we currently look after are under the age of 50. And not everyone has previous illnesses. ”In addition, she publishes a selfie that cannot hide the traces of several overtime hours.

* is part of the nationwide Ippen-Digital editors network

List of rubric lists: © picture alliance / dpa / Patrick Pleul


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