World Corona fine for Trump election host | Abroad

Corona fine for Trump election host | Abroad

The company, called Xtreme Manufacturing, was informed by the city council ahead of Sunday’s meeting that it had to comply with Nevada state corona guidelines. These mean that fewer than 50 people are allowed to attend a meeting, that they must keep their distance and cover their faces.

“During the event, an enforcer saw six violations,” said a city council spokesman for the city of Henderson. The municipality then decided to impose a fine of $ 3000.

Business owner Don Ahern said Monday that he considered it his patriotic duty to provide his warehouse as the venue for the Trump rally. He refused to accept the fine. “We respect everyone’s opinion in this situation,” said Ahern.

The event attracted thousands of Trump supporters on Sunday. Trump defended his choice to local media on Monday, saying he himself had not been in danger. “I’m on a stage, and it’s a long way off,” Trump said. “So I’m not worried at all.”

Trump did not say a word about the safety of the many followers who attended the rally. According to his campaign team, the temperature of each person present has been measured and everyone has been given disinfecting hand gel and a mouth mask. Video images show that only a few wore a mouth cap or mask.

Nevada Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak lashed out at Trump, calling him “reckless and selfish.” According to Sisolak, the president has endangered his supporters.

Of all countries, the United States has been the hardest hit by the corona pandemic so far. More than 6.5 million people in the US have been diagnosed with infection, of whom more than 194,000 have died.


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