Corona in Bavaria: Case numbers from Munich show a trend – police report numerous violations

On Thursday (April 16), the Free State extended the exit restrictions – and relaxed them by one important detail, as Markus Söder explained at a press conference.

  • The Coronavirus * also occupied the Bavarian cabinet on Thursday (April 16) – Markus Söder subsequently informed at a press conference.
  • The exit restrictions have been extended – and relaxed by an important detail.
  • Here you will find our guide to reporting and the Corona News from Germany. You can also find current numbers of cases in Bavaria as a map. The following recommendations for corona protective measures are currently available.

Update, 6:34 p.m .: In times of corona and closed hair salons, politicians are also increasingly having a hairy problem. Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder there is no other way: “I openly admit that I urgently need one Haircut necessary, ”he told Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bayern3) on Saturday.

The CSU man seems to have little confidence in the hair cutting arts in his environment to have. He had already been offered a family offer, “you could do something”. But he thought he would not do that now. “I also trust that more Craft itself, as any hobby hairdresser. “

His health minister Melanie Huml (CSU) told the broadcaster that she hadn’t gone to the hairdresser in the past few weeks. “And when I look at some of my colleagues, I have the impression that it was similar. There are also some that have been lent a hand at home. ”

Corona in Bavaria: Case numbers from Munich show a trend – police report numerous violations

Update, 3.20 p.m .: Now the city has too Munich the current Case numbers announced for today’s Saturday (April 18). 87 new cases were confirmed – a total of 5101 infections have been reported in the Bavarian capital so far.

Last Saturday (April 11th) there were 119 new confirmed ones Corona infections been (total: 4,352 cases). Yesterday, Friday (April 17), the number of new infections was also 87. The numbers have not risen – a slight trend that gives hope can be seen.

Another message also came from the police in Munich – However, this was less positive. Again, the officials reported numerous violations: From Friday, 6 a.m. to Saturday, 6 a.m., it occurred in the Bavarian capital and in the Munich district 151 Violations against the Exit restriction. The police recorded a total of 6900 controls.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Current case numbers known for the Free State

Update, 2.30 p.m .: In Bavaria, 37,254 people are now positive for that Corona virus been tested. That is 734 more cases than the day before, as reported by the State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen. The number of Killthat with the virus infected, increased in the same period by 62 to a total of 1226. The estimated number of recovered was 20,880 people.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Markus Söder warns of excessive expectations

Update, 12.45 p.m .: Although Markus Söder the people in Bavaria Would like to “give perspective” with regard to the corona measures (please refer below), the Bavarian Prime Minister warns of excessive expectations. “As long as there is none Corona vaccine and there is no medicine, we have to continue the restrictions and ensure controlled development, ”Söder said Passauer New ones Press. “Now we must not be cocky and have to find the right balance,” said the Prime minister further.

Corona in Bavaria: Söder comments on further easing: “Give perspective”

Update, 11.02 a.m .: First easing of measures to contain the Corona virus apply from next Monday (please refer below). But when will family celebrations be possible again, for example? Many people in the Free State are currently concerned with such questions. Across from antenna Bavaria says the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder to that – and gives some hope.

“For example, we very much hope that maybe we will Pentecost around, for the gastronomy and for some hotels – with intervals – maybe something to do. If that is possible, then maybe it could To celebrate be in it, ”said Söder in an interview. Of the Prime minister wants to “give people perspective” – ​​but also “just be honest”.

Corona virus in Bavaria: first easing of measures – this is now allowed

Update, April 18, 9.55 a.m .: The first easing of the anti-corona measures in Bavaria will come into force on Monday (April 20). Upon request, the Bavarian Ministry of Health explains exactly what this means – and what is now allowed *.

Corona virus in Bavaria: Söder receives Corona test result

Update, 10:55 p.m .: Bavaria Prime Minister Markus Söder has a Corona virus test have it done. He was negative, said the CSU chiefthe illustrated Colorful. The 53-year-old Franke said: “I did that to be sure. I also adhere to the distance rules and all the requirements that we expect from citizens. ”

The currently required crisis management is not a question of body stature for the tall, weighty politician with a broad cross. “Mental stability is not reflected in body size. The Chancellor, for example, has tough nerves, ”said Söder in the interview Angela Merkel (CDU). “I am grateful to have her as a contact person now.”

In other federal states there are meanwhile far-reaching plans for further easing – in the north of the country there could obviously be at least small concerts again soon.

Update, 4.45 p.m .: Bavaria’s Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger calls for a concrete timetable for the early opening of the Restaurants and Hotels. The hospitality industry needs in the Corona crisis in Germany a concrete perspective.

The conversation of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) with the Prime Minister around April 30 would be the right time for decisions, said Aiwanger. Two meters between the guests, masks for the staff, hygiene and access rules “must be a way to normalcy and to prevent numerous company insolvencies”.

Aiwanger said for that too Hotels he would like one Way out from the Total closure in the foreseeable future. It is also imperative that the federal government apply the VAT rate in the gastronomy to seven percent.

Bavaria: More than 5600 applications for bonuses for caregivers in corona use

Update, 4:25 p.m .: About one and a half weeks after the cabinet decision on Care bonus in the Corona crisis are more than 5600 applications to the State Office for maintenance received. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Munich said that the approximately 265,000 beneficiaries had until the end of May to apply for the money. The link to the online application had been accessed more than 265,000 times by Friday afternoon.

Video: Interim assessment by Jens Spahn after 4 weeks of Corona

Caregivers in Hospitals, Rehabilitation clinics, Old people’s, nursing and disabled facilities as well as outpatient care services, paramedics and paramedics are to receive a one-time tax-free bonus of 500 euros. If you work 25 hours a week or less, you should get 300 euros. According to a government spokesman, this could cost the Free State 126 million euros bottom line.

Corona virus in Bavaria: New infection numbers from Munich give hope

Update, 2:56 p.m .: There are now also new ones from the Bavarian capital Coronavirus case numbers. Like the city Munich reports, 87 new cases have been confirmed this Friday (April 17). So there are a total of 5,014 infections.

The number of Newly infected gives some hope. The City of Munich reported 110 new cases on Friday last week (April 10) – the number of new infections fell slightly. Yesterday Thursday (April 16) there were 107 Coronavirus cases been reported.

Meanwhile, in Corona times, US citizens send a “thank you” to the people of Bavaria. It gets emotional in a video.

Corona special route in Bavaria: Over 36,000 cases of infection in the Free State – Current figures

Update from 2:22 p.m .: In Bavaria 36,520 people are now positive for that Corona virus been tested. Died So far there are 1164 people who were infected with the pathogen. The State Office for Health and Food Safety in Erlangen announced this Friday (as of 10 a.m.) on its website. The estimated number of the Recovered is 19,610 people.

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Coronavirus in Bavaria: Aiwanger demands support for truck drivers – and for a “basic need”

Update from 1:20 p.m .: Minister of Economy Hubert Aiwanger now asked in the midst of Corona crisis support for Truck driver – in a special matter. As Aiwanger explained, the ministry had received reports that because of corona fears, it was not possible to use the toilet in many places. Of the Minister of Economy spoke in favor of the truck drivers – and their right to use toilets on the way. “The undoubtedly necessary social distance in the Corona crisis must not lead to us not dealing properly with each other and human beings basic needs disregard, ”he said.

Sanitary Investments should for that Truck driver continue to be kept accessible – insofar as their use was previously possible. Aiwanger referred to the great importance of truck drivers and their freight: “Especially when it comes to supplying our population with essential goods, we need our truck drivers more than ever,” he made clear.

Corona virus in Bavaria: New special route – Ministry of Health with appeal to citizens

Update from 11.43 a.m .: Despite the easing of the ban on contact in Bavaria as a measure against the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Health appeals to the citizens’ common sense. Starting next Monday, contact with someone outside of your own household will be permitted outdoors. “The contact person can also be changed,” said a ministry spokesman on Friday in Munich. “However, the top priority should always be kept in mind: to avoid infections as far as possible. In this respect, reason and consideration for other people require you to meet as few different contact persons as possible outside of your own household. “

New Corona special route in Bavaria – Söder even makes Merkel look old

Update from April 17, 7:12 a.m.: According to a survey, the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU) also achieved a new approval record nationwide in the corona crisis. Like the news magazine Focus referring to a representative Insa survey, Söder achieved one this week Approval value of 163 points in the population – that’s three points more than in the previous week on a scale of up to 300 points.

This is the highest value that has ever been measured for a German politician since the beginning of the surveys in January 2019, the report says. Söder thus remained unchanged from the previous week in a ranking of 22 top German politicians, followed by Chancellor Angela Merkel with 153 points (minus two points) and Health Minister Jens Spahn with 135 points (minus two points).

A recent survey in Bavaria had shown that citizens’ satisfaction with the work of the Prime Minister has risen to an all-time high. According to the “Bayerntrend extra”, 94 percent of eligible voters in the Free State were satisfied or even very satisfied with the work of the CSU boss.

Corona measures: Söder with a swipe against other federal states – “Does not need relaxation competition”

Update from 7:29 p.m .: In NRW allowed to Furniture stores open in Bavaria but not. Söder Justified: “The problem is: The larger the unit, the more open and the more shopping malls are open, the greater the attraction to many people.” virus could spread more again.

Update from 7:19 p.m .: The later school opening in Bavaria is justified Markus Söder with the fact that correct hygiene concepts must first be created so that the opening does not take place without a plan.

Update from 7:16 p.m .: Of the Bavarian Minister President defends state aid to entrepreneurs. In advance, the Bavarian economy had criticized that too little was being done. “What Bavaria provides in terms of help is not even provided by countries the size of Italy. A total of 16 billion euros. “

Update from 7.10 p.m .: Söder stresses that Bavaria will go the slow way and not loosen too quickly. He could not understand why other states do not have this patience. “There is no need for competition in terms of easing.”

Update from 7.09 p.m .: To the Exit restriction easing Söder explains that despite the new regulations (In Bavaria you can now meet someone who does not come from your own household) who has to comply with hygiene and distance regulations. “There will be no house parties now.”

Update from 19:04: Söder explains that the numbers give cautious “hope”. But he emphasizes again that as long as there is none vaccine give the pandemic not got through. The intensive care beds are in alone Bavaria increased to 5,000. Postponed non-urgent operations could soon be rescheduled because the health system despite the Corona crisis underutilized.

Update from 6:58 p.m .: Prime Minister Markus Söder will answer questions about the new Corona measures in BR right away.

Corona Bayern: Söder surprisingly relaxes restrictions on an important point – and pronounces a mask requirement

Update from 5.20 p.m .: Of the Bavarian retail has delayed opening of stores in the free State criticized. “We are disappointed,” said the managing director of the Bavarian trade association, Bernd Ohlmann, on Thursday. There is a lot of “shaking your head, anger and lack of understanding” because of the Free State’s restrictions a week later than the other federal states.

Many retailers “struggle to survive, every day counts,” said Ohlmann. A week without sales would mean a loss of 1.1 billion euros for Bavarian retailers – without food retailers. Spring fashion is now even longer in the clothing stores, “this is also perishable goods”. Because the shops in the other countries opened earlier, the result was shopping tourism across the border: “We have already seen this in the garden and hardware stores.”

It is arbitrary that stores with more than 800 square meters of retail space remain closed. A furniture store with 2,000 square meters can comply with distance rules as well as a small supermarket, said Ohlmann. It is too vague that Prime Minister Markus Söder considers opening the large shops and department stores in about two to three weeks as conceivable.

Update from 1:44 p.m .: Bavaria’s prime minister looks after weeks of exit restrictions and school closings Markus Söder (CSU) important successes in the fight against the corona virus, but urges patience and caution. “We are slowly getting the virus under control,” he said on Thursday after a cabinet meeting in Munich. There is therefore now “cause for cautious optimism”. Bavaria therefore loosens it Exit restriction – It is now valid until May 4th – for the containment of the coronavirus minimal: In future, contact with a person outside of your own household will be permitted outdoors.

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Coronavirus in Bavaria: Certain stores may reopen from April 27th

In the Corona crisis, Bavaria is also due to start on April 27 shops with a sales area of ​​up to 800 square meters under certain conditions. Söder also announced this. Car dealers, bike dealers and bookstores are exempt from the square meter limit. As of April 20, DIY superstores and garden centers and garden centers can open again.

In shops and in local public transport, people in Bavaria should wear protective masks over their mouths and noses. If that is not enough, “then we should consider wearing a mask,” it said. For the time being, however, there is only one bid that business owners must also adhere to. The so-called community masks are not about medical masks, Söder emphasized. They do not protect you from being infected yourself – but from possibly infecting others.

Markus Söder at the press conference with a face mask.

© dpa / Sven Hoppe

Corona virus in Bavaria: strict infection control measures in schools

According to the corona-related School closings the Bavarian cabinet has decided to start again in stages: from April 27, the final classes will be allowed to go back to schools. At the earliest on May 11th, those years will follow who will graduate next year, as Söder also announced on Thursday. According to Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo, schools in Bavaria that were reopened step by step should be strict because of the corona virus Infection protection measures be valid. “Classes should take place in a maximum of half the class size with 10 to 15 students. In this way, we will ensure a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the students in the classrooms. ”

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No pupil should remain seated in this school year due to corona-related knowledge gaps. That promised culture minister Michael Piazolo (free voters) on Thursday in Munich after a cabinet meeting. “We will generously allow advancement on trial.”

Corona virus in Bavaria: Worship services possible again in May?

Will be in the coming weeks Services in Bavaria may not be possible due to the Corona crisis. “From May onwards, we believe worship services are possible,” said Söder. In the end, however, this has not yet been decided, as with all other measures, the current development in infections must be taken into account.

Söder and Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter believe that the Oktoberfest will probably not be possible this year. A final decision is still pending.

A summer vacation abroad is because of that Corona pandemic According to Prime Minister Markus Söder, this will probably not be possible this year. “The probability that vacation In other countries, it’s as easy as possible in the summer, from the current perspective, I’m more likely than not, ”he said. “This is rather unlikely given the situation in the countries around us, our classic holiday countries that we have – Spain, Italy or France or Turkey.” That is why the gastronomy and hotel industry can, provided the restrictions in Germany continue to relax until then could be preparing for a fairly “run” in the summer. Many a loss from the current weeks could possibly be made up for.

The Emergency care of children in Bavaria is to be expanded from April 27. Then children should also be looked after in daycare centers, for example, if only one parent works in a so-called system-critical profession, said Bavaria’s Minister of Social Affairs Carolina Trautner (CSU) on Thursday in Munich. Particular attention is paid to working single parents.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: The press conference with Markus Söder to read

Update from 1:41 p.m .: The press conference has ended.

Update from 1:29 p.m .: Melanie Huml once again clarifies an important one Easing: You can now also meet someone outside the household. This should also help people living alone. Nevertheless, people should continue to exercise caution and respect.

Update from 1:22 p.m.: The fourth grade of the elementary school has not yet been decided, said Piazolo. This still needs to be discussed.

Emergency care for single parents who are working should be expanded, explains Trautner when asked.

Markus Söder about Armin Laschet: “Everyone does their duty”

Update from 1:16 p.m .: “Everyone does their duty,” says Markus Söder when asked about how to proceed Armin Laschet. It is good that there are different opinions that are discussed together.

Update from 1:13 p.m .: Minister of Social Affairs Carolina Trautner declares that a panel of experts should come together to examine what would also be possible in day care centers. You want to proceed step by step. From April 27th the Emergency care expanded. “This applies primarily to parents who work in systemically relevant professions,” says Trautner. The focus should also be on single parents.

Update from 13:08: According to the Minister of Education, Minister of Health Melanie Huml your turn. She reports that test capacities should be expanded. She asks people to continue to be considerate: “It works”.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Measures for school openings

Update from 1:02 p.m .: Now Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo speaks. Bavaria was the first federal state to vote for school closures, which was correct. The lessons are only started up “slowly and prudently”. Older people can go back to school first, it is easier to teach them to keep their distance.

The final classes begin on April 27, which is around 14 percent of the students. The second step is planned for May 11, according to Piazolo. “Classes should take place in a maximum of half the class size with 10 to 15 students. In this way, we will ensure a distance of at least 1.5 meters between the students in the classrooms. ”
In addition, there should be no group work. There will be no cafeteria and break sales.

No pupil should remain seated in this school year due to corona-related knowledge gaps. That promised Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo. “We will generously allow advancement on trial.”

Update from 12.52 p.m .: After Markus Söder, Bavaria’s Minister of Economic Affairs speaks Hubert Aiwanger. He is pleased that the measures are working, but also speaks of the effects on the economy. One wants to initiate measures to ease the economy and one speaks, for example, of opening up Nurseries and hardware stores. Aiwanger is satisfied with the decision to open shops up to 800 square meters. Around 80 percent of 60,000 stores in Bavaria are allowed to open again. However, he asks to wear a face mask in the shops.

Markus Söder on the corona crisis: series tests in hospitals

Update from 12.49 p.m.: “Two weeks ago I had very, very big worries,” said Söder about the Corona crisis in free State. However, the measures would now take effect.

Update from 12.46 p.m .: Kindergartens remain closed for the time being. But Söder declares that the emergency care should be started up.

Bavaria is sticking to its cautious course with hospitals and nursing homes. “We will Serial tests make, ”Söder explains an improvement for hospitals. The security standard should be increased in this way.

Update from 12.43 p.m .: Large events are not possible until August 31. Söder and Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter believe that the Oktoberfest will probably not be possible this year. A final decision is still pending.

Exam preparations will begin on April 27, Söder explains. “We don’t want one Not-Abi or average graduation ”. From May 11th, classes will come next, which are probably meant as classes like the Q11.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Shops up to 800 square meters are allowed to open

Update from 12.37 p.m.: “We don’t want a cold start.” Hardware stores and nurseries are allowed to open from April 20th. May 27th shops open up to 800 square meters – with the exception of the car, bicycle and book trade, “these can be higher,” says Söder.

As of May 4, hairdressers are allowed to open – with a clear protection concept, says Söder. “What has to remain for the time being and even longer is that Catering area unfortunately, ”said Bavarian Prime Minister.

Apres ski in Ischgl and Strong beer festivals were often herds of infection, “so there will be no changes there in the foreseeable future,” said Söder. One hopes the situation will relax until Pentecost. “The likelihood that summer vacation is possible in other countries turns out to be rather unlikely,” adds Söder.

Corona: Söder explains special path for Bavaria – and announces a surprisingly big change

Update from 12.35 p.m .: “We are continuing the previous strategy, but making it easier,” said Söder on the further plans. The Exit restrictions remain in effect until May 4th. There should be a relief: One contact person will now be admitted that does not belong to the family.

The Free State is more cautious than others when it comes to doing business. “Every opening leads to more crowds in the cities,” says Söder. There must be protective requirements. The Free State is for one Mouth protection requirement. This does not mean the medical mask. “We’re talking about community masks,” says Söder.

Coronavirus: press conference with Markus Söder – doubling rate significantly decreased

Update from 12.33 p.m .: “Thanks especially to the people,” Söder praises the people of Bavaria. “We are not over the mountain,” he continues. The numbers are now more positive, but the death toll has risen to over 1,000.

The doubling rate is now 22 days. At the beginning of the Corona crisis it was 2.8. There are more cautious measures in Bavaria, some measures are to be implemented later than in other federal states, said Söder. “The strenght is to be found in serenity”.

Update from 12.30 p.m .: The press conference begins, Markus Söder initially has the floor. “We are slowly getting the virus under control,” said the Prime Minister. However, as long as there is no vaccine or medication, “absolute caution is required. We have a delicate plant that is now growing ”.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: press conference with Markus Söder

Update from 12.07 p.m .: At 12.30 p.m., Prime Minister Markus Söder, together with Minister of Health Melanie Huml, Minister of Economics Hubert Aiwanger and Minister of Culture Michael Piazolo, will provide information on the further timetable in the Corona crisis. You can follow the press conference here in the live stream and ticker.

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Corona decision in Bavaria: Söder explains Bavarian special way at press conference – and is attacked by Schulze

Update from 11:24 a.m.: Katharina Schulze, Group leader of the Greens, attacks the Bavarian government around Markus Söder in a tweet. “In addition to supporting the economy, the CSU special route must also state-prescribed isolation Getting corrected. We need the nationwide contact restrictions: going out with someone who doesn’t live in your own household must be possible! ”

Corona virus in Bavaria: “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” fail

Update from 11:13 a.m.: The Prime Ministers of the countries had on Wednesday first cautious easing in the Corona virus crisis notified. However, major events are fundamentally prohibited until August 31, according to the resolutions. So the festivals have to “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” fail.

“For the organizers and their teams, the artists and 175,000 fans who wanted to celebrate 35 years of ‘Rock am Ring’ and 25 years of ‘Rock im Park’ on the first weekend in June, this alternative decision is of course disappointing,” it said the message. “Nevertheless, the producers have an unreserved understanding of this inevitable measure in the interest of the safety and health of everyone involved, as sad as the cancellation of the sold-out twin festivals is.” The festivals were open from June 5th to 7th at the Nürburgring in the Eifel and on the Zeppelin Field the former Nazi Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg. The bands were among the headliners this year Green Day, Volbeat and System Of A Down.

Corona virus in Bavaria: new date for “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park”

The planners had worked on the preparations for “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” until the very end. At the beginning of April it was said that the festivals should take place this year as planned – strict measures to contain the pandemic had long since taken effect. Concerts broadcast online without an audience were not an option, it was said at the time.

However, a spokeswoman for the Live Nation agency had already emphasized: “We are of course closely monitoring the situation and will follow the instructions of the health authorities.” The health of artists, fans and employees has top priority and is the top priority in all considerations. “Together with the live music industry, all hopes are now on the time after the end of the state of emergency,” said Live Nation now. And: “The new start of the Anniversary festivals “Rock am Ring” and “Rock im Park” is now scheduled for the second weekend in June 2021. “

Corona decision in Bavaria: Markus Söder explains Bavarian special route at a press conference – new measures

Article of origin from April 16, 9.23 a.m.

On Wednesday (April 16) the Corona measures extended, the contact restrictions now apply until May 3. The gastronomy remains closed until further notice. However, there were also loosenings. Schools are to be gradually reopened, and shops up to 800 square meters are then allowed to reopen. This was announced at a press conference with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Bavaria was also there Prime Minister Markus Söder. The CSU boss already indicated that Bavaria could go a special way.

On Thursday (April 16) the Bavarian cabinet around Söder wants to present the exact timetable for the Free State in the coming weeks. The concept generally agreed on Wednesday by the federal and state governments for opening schools and trade is to be deposited with specific dates. Söder had already worked for press conference explains with Merkel that the Free State would find the way correctly, but wanted to be more careful and somewhat more reserved in the schedule for some points.

Corona virus in Bavaria: school start in the Free State probably later

In the evening Söder already mentioned a later opening of the schools: While the Berlin compromise paper names May 4 as the start for the gradual start of school operations, Bavaria is aiming for May 11, he said. Exam preparation in final classes – such as a high school diploma – should start as early as April 27th. “Primary schools and daycare centers will then remain closed – with appropriate emergency care,” said Söder. It was initially unclear whether and when at least the fourth grades in primary schools could start again.

Opposite the picture Söder assured: “The im High School can rely on it, there will be a high school diploma! There will not be any emergency high school diploma, there will not be any average high school diploma for everyone involved, but it should be, to the best of our knowledge and belief, a good high school diploma. That’s why they can start first. “

Coronavirus: Bavaria is probably also a special route for easing the trade

Bavaria is probably also with the Loosening in the trade a special route: Söder has already expressed doubts in Berlin that he will use the compromise formula for reopening smaller shops up to a size of 800 square meters want to take over from next Monday. He thought that was “too much,” said Söder at the press conference in Berlin. Bavaria was reportedly negotiated with a ceiling of 400 square meters. One would also proceed “somewhat delayed” when opening stores.

Bavarian trade demanded that the Free State should not shake off the nationwide opening regulation – neither in terms of time nor in terms of size. Of the Trade association estimates that a good 80 percent of local businesses are smaller than 800 square meters. Söder, however, made it clear that big Furniture stores, department stores and shopping centers definitely remained closed indefinitely. Söder justified this with the otherwise threatening customer traffic and crowds of people in the city centers.

Coronavirus in Bavaria: Southern Germany more affected

Bavaria’s prime minister is cautious because southern Germany is more affected than other parts of the country. By Wednesday (April 15), 34,664 people in the Free State had a positive response Sars-CoV-2 tested – so far 995 people have died as a result. For comparison: The estimated number of people recovered was 16,310 people.

Caution and prudence are also of great importance in the current phase with a flattening infection curve, emphasized Bavaria’s Prime Minister in Berlin. “As long as there are no drugs, we have to find a way to live with Corona,” he said. Here it is important to achieve as much security and as much freedom as possible. The corona crisis could also affect Munich Oktoberfest impact.

Corona virus in Bavaria: is the Oktoberfest on the brink? Markus Söder comments

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder sees the Oktoberfest in acute danger this year *. “I am very, very skeptical and from the current perspective I can hardly imagine that such a large event is even possible at the time,” said the CSU boss on Wednesday evening in the Bavarian Radio.

Söder emphasized that the final decision had not yet been made. In the next two weeks, he wanted to advise and decide on it together with Munich Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD). Basically, the festival is “safe” on the tip. “It would be a shame, but from the current perspective it is rather unlikely,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the first vague results from drug trials in the USA give hope, while Brazil reports sad things.

Video: The complete livestream for listening

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