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Corona in Göttingen: Test as an early warning sign of severe Covid 19 course

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Corona research in Göttingen: A simple urine test should help doctors to recognize early warning signs of an impending severe course of Covid-19 disease.

  • corona-Research in Göttingen too difficult Covid-19 disorders.
  • Team of experts identifies simple ones test as an early warning sign.
  • Weakness Kidneys probably indicate the difficult course.

Göttingen – The results could prove kidney inflammation, which is an indicator of later severe Covid-19 disease could be. A team of experts from the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) found this out and developed a path for action corona developed.

Corona research in Göttingen: test to help prevent deaths

With just a few parameters of the test, even days before the lungs and other organs fail severely, treatment can be more imminent Corona complications the UMG scientists announced. This could result in life-threatening deterioration in many patients Deaths prevent.

Corona research in Göttingen: Test could enable faster prognosis

Prof. Simone Scheithauer, Director of the UMG Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Infectiology.

© Thomas Kopietz

“If the findings of the medical team at the UMG Göttingen are confirmed, this would have a lasting effect. In the future, this could mean the need for an upcoming one coronaTreatment in the intensive care unit can be predicted, ”says the publication’s senior author, Prof. Dr. Simone Scheithauer, director of the UMG’s Institute for Hospital Hygiene and Infectiology.

“In addition, patients could be assigned earlier and more appropriately for special therapies – even in drug studies. Early detection of capillary leak syndrome could initiate symptomatic preventive therapies and perhaps even prevent life-threatening courses in corona, ”says Scheithauer.

Corona research in Göttingen: According to a team of experts, kidneys are damaged early in Covid-19

When inpatient treatment of Covid-19 infections, the UMG experts from Göttingen noticed that especially in the seriously ill – in addition to the lungs and heart – the kidneys were affected early on. The doctors then began to evaluate and discuss their findings with experts from the University Clinic Hamburg-Eppendorf and other German university clinics, as well as with experts from Italy, China, England and the USA corona exchanged.

Corona research in Göttingen: tissue examinations support the research results

Tissue examinations of the deceased support the assumption that due to the drama of the disease of the other organs, the early kidney involvement in Corona has so far been neglected.

Corona research in Göttingen: Experts identify three important values

Prof. Oliver Gross, senior physician at the UMG Clinic for Nephrology and Rheumatology.

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The three parameters – albumin in the blood, albumin in the urine and antithrombin III – are used in the urine test to diagnose the “capillary leak syndrome”, a life-threatening loss of blood components and protein from the blood into the (lung) tissue a general leakage of the small blood vessels caused by the corona virus. The risk classification of the patients is based on the three parameters.

“If even one of the three parameters is difficult to change, there is a high risk that the Covid 19 sufferers in the normal ward will deteriorate promptly, have to be transferred to the intensive care unit, or that the course in the intensive care unit will deteriorate,” explains the first author the publication, Prof. Dr. Oliver Gross, senior physician in the clinic for nephrology and rheumatology at the UMG Göttingen.

Original publication: The Lancet

By Thomas Kopietz

Video: Breakthrough in corona research – new antibody test to clarify

Researchers from Göttingen have also discovered an approach for vaccine and active substance against coronavirus.

All important information about Corona in Lower Saxony can be found in our news ticker.


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