Corona in the USA: gruesome details about the body transporter – surprising confession to the first deaths

US governors criticize President Trump for lack of corona test capacity – this bounces off. Meanwhile, the corona deaths are increasing rapidly.

Update from 11.12 a.m .:The first Corona dead there were already in the USA Weeks before official registration. In the autopsy of two people who died on February 6 and 17 Covid-19 has been proven, the Forensic medicine of Santa Clara on Tuesday with.

These people died at home at a time when the very limited tests were only about that United States Health Department CDC the institute underlined. The CDC did Corona tests At that time it was only intended for people who had been traveling immediately before and who saw a doctor because of Covid 19 symptoms.

Corona crisis in the USA: More than 2000 dead within 24 hours

Update from April 22, 7:21 a.m .: Within 24 hours are in the United States again far over 2000 deaths due to coronavirus infection. Johns Hopkins University recorded between Monday and Tuesday evenings (local time) 2751 dead. Previously, the death toll had been below the 2000 mark for several days.

Because they are updated more regularly, data from US researchers tend to show higher levels than those from the World Health Organization (WHO). In some cases, however, the number of infections and deaths has recently been revised downwards. Overall died according to information from the university in the USA already around due to the pandemic 45,000 people. They were also there more than 800,000 infections detected with the corona virus.

According to data from researchers at Johns Hopkins University, around 2.56 million people worldwide are now infected with the virus. More than 177,000 people died.

Coronavirus in the USA: Quarantine in a luxurious second home – an option for many Americans

Update from April 21, 7.45 p.m .: As has been observed in Europe before, it is also popular in the Corona crisis in the USA many wealthy and rich who quarantine to spend at the luxurious second home. The reports mirror.

A popular destination: the Jackson Hole valley in the midwestern United States. Here, in the state of Wyoming, a particularly large number of holiday residences can be found, it is said. Teton County, where Jackson Hole is located, is said to be the richest county in the United States USA.

Popular second home for the rich in the United States: Jackson Hole in the state of Wyoming.

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Many landowners are said to Coronavirus pandemic from the east coast (New York) and from the west coast (California) traveled here – something that not every inhabitant likes.

Corona in the USA: New York prisons are empty like they were not in 70 years

Update from April 21, 7:25 p.m .: corona has countless side effects and / or symptoms worldwide. So also in new York, one of the epicentres in the Coronavirus pandemic.

The prisons in the metropolis of millions are as empty as mayors for more than 70 years Bill de Blasio announced this Tuesday. The number of prisoners dropped to less than 4,000 last week – the lowest since the 1940s, he said.

The city of New York had chosen to detainees out of concern for their health and for fear of an increased Spread of the corona virus to dismiss. Since mid-March, more than 2,000 inmates have been released, it was said.

Corona pandemic in New York: “There were just too many corpses”

First report from April 21: The location in new York continues to worsen: Picture TV now interviewed a “mortuary” in the US metropolis.

“My job was to take care of the bodies in the refrigerated trucks, to record their location data, if necessary to confirm their names and to deliver the bodies to the undertakers,” said the man in the report.

A New York hospital worker pushes a Covid-19 victim to a refrigerated container.

© dpa / Dan Herrick

The man worked with two others in one of two air-conditioned 20 ton trailers. Each trailer could therefore hold about 110 bodies – but that was not enough either. “There were just too many bodies. We had to install wooden shelves in the refrigerated truck. ”

New York City Subway Study: Corona Virus Key Spreading Tool

The US economist Jeffrey E. Harris from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (WITH) is certain, however, that New York’s ramifications Subway system a Main disseminator was for the virus. That reports the world. In a current study, Harris analyzed the volume of traffic in local public transport and the infection numbers.

After discovering that the virus spread more slowly when subway use declined, he examined passenger development for individuals Neighborhoods. Because the use of local public transport did not decrease evenly in the US metropolis. His conclusion: the subway was not the main transmission vehicle, but was instrumental in the outbreak of the pandemic.

Corona in the USA: Showdown in New York? Trump receives Cuomo

Meanwhile, US President wants Donald Trump the governor of the of the Coronavirus pandemic particularly hard-hit state of New York, Andrew Cuomo, received at the White House House on Tuesday. Trump announced this during his daily briefing Corona crisis * at. On this occasion, he praised the progress in the state: “Many good things are happening in New York”.

Corona in the USA: Trump disdusts Cuomo

Trump still attacked Cuomo on Friday. He should “go out and do his job,” Trump tweeted. The governor responded with the succinct remark that if Trump “sits at home and watches TV, he should get up and go to work”. Cuomo is a Democrat, Trump Republican.

New York is that center The pandemic in the United States, where more than a third of the approximately 42,000 deaths recorded across the country died. In New York, a rigorous one still applies until May 15th Curfew *. Trump has repeatedly pushed for restrictions to be relaxed over the past few weeks because of the consequences for the US economy *. The decision is largely in the hands of the states.

Donald Trump on corona tests in the US: “We are getting better and better”

Trump also has criticism of his government for lack of it Test options rejected to the corona virus. “We are in very good shape when it comes to testing and we are getting better and better,” he said on Monday at his daily press conference in the White House.

Trump criticized that some state governors had not understood which test capacities in private laboratories they had access to.

Corona crisis measures: WHO trumps Trump

The World Health Organization (WHO) however, the US’s harsh criticism of its handling of the corona crisis has rejected it. His organization pointed out the danger of the virus right from the start, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said on Monday. It did not withhold any information from the USA.

“From day one, we warned that this was a devil everyone should fight,” said Tedros. He pointed out that seconded employees of the US government also worked at the UN headquarters in Geneva. This means that nothing is hidden from the USA: “There is no secret in the WHO.”

Corona vaccine: UN member states with demands

Meanwhile, the 193 member states of the United Nations “Equal” access to future ones Vaccines * against the novel corona virus. A corresponding resolution was passed unanimously by the UN General Assembly in New York on Monday. This applies particularly to the Developing countries.

The resolution also defines the “crucial role” of the WHO highlighted in the fight against the corona virus. Trump has had severe “mismanagement” in the Corona crisis and one-sidedness in favor of the UN subsidiary in recent days China loaded as well as a Stop US payments announced to the WHO.

Nevertheless, the current resolution of the UN General Assembly was also supported by the United States. It had brought Mexico. Resolutions of the General Assembly are contrary to those of the UN Security Council however not binding under international law.

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