Sport Corona live ticker: 12 more corona cases registered in...

Corona live ticker: 12 more corona cases registered in the state of Bremen

Live ticker

The total number rises to 1,056. Another corona patient has also died. The development in the live ticker.

A laboratory worker looks at a blood sample

Image: DPA | Matthias Balk

+++ Another corona death in Bremen +++

According to the health authority, the number of confirmed corona infections in the state of Bremen has risen to 1,056. That is twelve more than the day before. There were ten new infections in the city of Bremen and two in Bremerhaven. A Corona patient also died in Bremen. The total number of corona deaths in the state increases to 33. 572 corona people have already recovered.

+++ Parkhotel quarantine warehouse +++

Werder trainer Florian Kohfeldt and his team and supervisor will go into quarantine from Tuesday, as the club announced on Sunday.

Werder completes the compulsory, one-week isolation at the Parkhotel in Bremen under the conditions of the hygiene concept of the German Football League (DFL). The training continues to take place mainly in the Weser Stadium, closed to the public.

+++ Parent-child cures are not currently taking place +++

For many families, parent-child cures are time-outs that they urgently need. The basic idea is still to give time and actively offer help. Almost 50,000 mothers, 2,000 fathers and over 70,000 children now take part in such preventive or rehabilitation treatments every year. Almost all cures have been canceled since mid-March. Nobody can say exactly when the families can catch up. It is hard for those affected.

+++ Services in Bremen again allowed +++

Empty pews

Empty pews

Image: DPA | Fred de Noyelle

For the first time in eight weeks, services are being held in many churches in Bremen, Bremerhaven and Lower Saxony. However, there cannot be a simple return to the old worship regulations – strict requirements apply.
The Evangelical Churches such as St. Peter Cathedral, Our Lady or St. Ansgarii celebrate worship services again. Together with the Catholic Church and other religious communities, they have agreed on rules and measures to reduce the risk of infection during the service.

So there is no singing and no sacrament – in addition, worshipers must keep their distance and wear mouthguards. The number of participants is therefore limited. Pastor Heike Wegener from Bremen-Horn therefore wants to move short devotions into the garden or the parish hall, for example. The Catholic churches of the Diocese of Osnabrück, to which Bremen also belongs, will only reopen on Monday. St. Johann will celebrate church services again next weekend. We return step by step and carefully. We have to learn anew how to celebrate worship today, ”said Provost Bernhard Stecker.

+++ 19 new infections registered +++

According to the health authority, 19 new corona cases have been discovered in the state of Bremen, three of them in Bremerhaven. The total number – including those recovered – is 1,044. The number of deceased remains at 32.

In the state of Bremen, 58 people currently need inpatient care, including 13 in intensive care units. Eight of the people receiving intensive medical care must be ventilated.

Cyclists block demonstration against Corona measures in Bremen

Video from May 9, 2020

Police officers stop cyclists at the Stern in Bremen

Police officers stop cyclists at the Stern in Bremen

More information about the video

This topic in the program:
buten un binnen, May 10, 2020, 7:30 p.m.


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